Fake tan fan shares easy ‘claw hands’ technique she swears gives streak-free colour EVERY time

STREAKY hands or lines across your knuckles can be hard to avoid when it comes to self-tanning, but one fake tan fan has revealed the ‘claw hand’ technique they swear by for a perfect finish.

TikTok account The Hondrou Twins are forever sharing their fake tan tricks and tips online, with one video revealing how they achieve a streak-free finish every time when it comes to tanning their hands.


Fake tan fans The Hondrou Twins have revealed the “claw” technique they swear by for streak-free hands[/caption]

They were asked how white lines across your knuckles can be avoided while tanning and shared a very unexpected way to ensure they’re fully covered.

Essentially, they rub fake tan all over their hands as if they were washing them with soap – and, not surprisingly, the technique left some beauty fans baffled.

Demonstrating the method they swear by, one of the twins is seen removing gloves they had used to tan the rest of their body.

“If you’re using gloves make sure you rub in those lines [around the wrist], you can use literally any little bit of moisturiser if you want, but you don’t have to,” they explained as they squirted a huge dollop of tan on the back of one hand.


Fans were keen to know how to avoid getting white lines on your knuckles when self-tanning[/caption]


Their controversial technique involves rubbing tan all over your hands like its soap – palms and all[/caption]

Rubbing it all over the hands, they said: “The first step here is rub it all over your hands and rub it in like you’re rubbing in moisturiser.”

The trick is keeping your hands in a “claw” position.

They added: “Make sure your hands are constantly clawed like this, so you can rub it into the knuckles to avoid those lines, keep rubbing it in, keep making your hands look like a claw shape and they should look like this – perfect, no weird lines on those knuckles.”


Making a claw-like shape with your hand is the key to getting in all the creases[/caption]


They then recommend wiping dow the palms to make sure they don’t turn orange[/caption]


Some beauty fans were left baffled by the technique, while others were keen to give it a try[/caption]


The finished result left a totally streak-free hand with even tan all over[/caption]

“Get a wet towel and rub off your palms,” they then advised to get rid of the excess tan.

The video has been watched nearly half a million times online, with hundreds commenting on the post.

Some were slightly concerned that the method would leave the palm of the hands looking orange – as usually you avoid getting tan on this part of the hand – with one person commenting: “Not the palms.”

Another was just as confused, as they commented: “WTF.”

A third, however, was desperate for the tanning advice, as they wrote: “Should have listened to this.”

They weren’t alone, as another person posted: “Where was this when I needed it.”

Asked how they tackle their hands with the fake tan, TikTok user The Hondrou Twins

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