Fan gets KICKED OUT of Fenway Park for unfurling ‘Trump won’ sign on outfield wall during Red Sox game

A BASEBALL fan was kicked out of Fenway Park for displaying a “Trump won” banner as the Boston Red Sox took on the Miami Marlins last night.

The fan, who hasn’t been named, unfurled the political sign over the wall of a bleacher section in centerfield during the fourth inning of Monday night’s game.

Twitter @reed_grubbs

The fan was ejected moments after displaying the sign during the fourth innings[/caption]

In full, the sign read: “Trump Won, Save America.”

A spokesperson for the Red Sox said the fan violated the team’s policy prohibiting signs of any kind to be hung or affixed to the ballpark.

The fan was immediately ejected from the stadium by security as a result, the spokesperson said.

It’s unclear whether the fan will face any further punishment, such as a temporary ban from Red Sox games.

A request for comment on the matter has not yet been returned.

Twitter @Dion Cini

A spokesperson for the Red Sox said the fan violated the team’s policy prohibiting signs of any kind to be hung or affixed to the ballpark[/caption]

Twitter @Dion Cini

Some members of the crowd were seeing cheering as the banner was unfurled[/caption]

Images of the banner were shared across social media by others present at the game and among Trump fans.

“Trump Won Fenway,” wrote user Dion Cini who posted a video of the sign.

“In Boston the players, staff and fans were all cheering for Trump,” he claimed.

The “Trump Won” banners are a nod to the former president’s unfounded claims that President Joe Biden won the election as the result of widespread voter fraud.

No evidence has been found to support the claims and dozens of lawsuits in a number of states have been tossed out because of the lack of supporting evidence.

Reaction to the banner seen on Monday night’s game was mixed online.

Twitter @reed_grubbs

It’s unclear whether the fan responsible will face further punishment[/caption]

“Guys, we need to cut this out [or] they’re going to bring back the pandemic,” user @adamberaha joked.

“By this logic, did Hilary Clinton win in 2016 too?” hit back another.

This is not the first time a sign has stirred controversy at Fenway park.

In 2017, four fans were ejecting for holding a banner reading: “Racism is as American and baseball.”

Similar to yesterday’s incident, the individuals involved in the stunt were escorted out of the ball game in the fourth inning.

Several fans also unfurled a Trump 2020 banner at the park in May, 2019 during a game against the Seattle Mariners, prompting other fans to quickly tear it down.

Twitter user Don Cini later took responsibility for the stunt, posting a photo of himself holding the banner on Twitter with the caption: “Got my flag back.”

Other fans have been ejected from Mets and Yankees games for displaying “Trump won” banners in recent weeks.

Just last month, two men were escorted out of Yankee Stadium for displaying the sign midway through the game.

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