First O2, now EE confirms EU roaming charges are coming back and the price is a shock

O2 customers have just received the news that they will soon be hit by EU roaming charges and now EE has confirmed it’s bringing them back as well. The network has announced that, from January 2022, some customers will be forced to pay £2 per day to use their data, calls and texts in Europe. That means a two-week break in Spain could end up adding an extra £28 to a standard bill. Ouch!

This news clearly won’t go down well with EE users but the firm has said that not everyone will be affected by the changes. The new rules will only hit those joining EE or existing users who sign up for a new contract after July 7th 2021.

So, as long as you stick with your current plan you can head away without fear of being charged a penny extra. EE also says that you can add on a Smart Benefit when buying a new SIM or contract which can then be used to get free data when you travel.

Speaking about the changes an EE spokesperson said, “From January next year, EE will introduce a new flat fee of £2 a day for customers wishing to roam across 47 European destinations (with the exception of ROI which is included in domestic plans), allowing them to use their plan’s full data, minutes and texts allowance. This will apply only to new and upgrading customers signing up to EE from the 7th July 2021 and will support investment into our UK based customer service and leading UK network.

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“Customers travelling abroad for longer will be able to use a 30-day Roam Abroad Pass. Essential plan customers will be able to take the Pass for £10, while Smart or Full Works plans customers are able to include the same pass as part of their plan.”

This new £2 charge from EE is different from what O2 customers face. O2 says that

O2 has begun informing some customers that they will soon be hit by data roaming charges if they go over a set limit of 25GB.

From August, anyone exceeding that allowance will be charged £3.50 per 1GB. So, those downloading a couple of extra movies on the beach at the end of their hols (around 8GB of data) will find £28 being added to their monthly bill.

In a statement sent to TechRadar Pro, O2 said: “Less than 1% of our Pay Monthly customers reach anywhere near 25GB during occasional travel to Europe.

“If a customer’s UK monthly data allowance is over 25GB, from August 2 they will have a Roaming Limit of 25GB in our Europe Zone.

“This means they can use up to 25GB of their allowance at no extra cost – we’ll text them if they get close to the limit, and again if they reach it. A customer can still use data if they reach our Roaming Limit, but will be charged £3.50/GB.”

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