Five quick and easy ways to make money – from selling old items on Facebook Marketplace to snapping your receipts

MEET the nation’s super shoppers who make a living from helping the rest of us save money.

These family bloggers and influencers have slashed their own spending while still enjoying a family life to the full. 


Money saving insiders have shared their tips for making money from home[/caption]

Their clever ideas can help you cut your weekly grocery shop costs by up to half – saving thousands of pounds a year.

Here are the five top tips on how to make money – so see how many you can use.

1)    Joseph Seager from

Don’t just throw stuff away when you de-clutter. Instead, sell fee-free on Facebook marketplace. 


Completing surveys is an easy way to add funds to your bank account[/caption]

I’ve even sold a broken TV and vacuum cleaner. Just be honest about the condition when you list it.

2)    Claire Stapleton

Kids like to bake or craft? Then capitalise on it! 

Get them to create gift cards and presents for family members. Not only does this save cash, it keeps your children busy too.

3)    Victoria Sully from 

Snap your receipts.  Apps like Shoppix and ReceiptHog pay out when you upload pictures of your shopping receipts. 

It won’t make you rich but it all helps.

4)    Victor Belogub from MNFST

Try taking polls on market research apps, like or

5)    Nikki Ramskill from

Learn how to invest. Savings accounts are no longer good places to put your money for long term goals. 

Instead check out apps like Money-box and Plum in order to get started with just a few pennies.

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