Flats in former Cold War bunker with military-grade steel blast doors and 2ft thick concrete walls on sale for £550,000

HOME hunters looking for a safe haven can now snap up a Grand Designs apartment – in a NUCLEAR BUNKER.

The 70-year-old Cold War relic, nestled in rural Essex, was originally the back-up communications hub for Britain if the country was plunged into an atomic war.

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The bunker was built at the height of the Cold War to protect military personnel[/caption]

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After being abandoned when the Iron Curtain fell it has been converted into apartments[/caption]

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The no-expense-spared pads are billed as luxury homes and cost £500,000[/caption]

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The exterior of the bunker has been updated as well as the interior[/caption]

In its heyday the military facility was home to an array of early computers, mapping systems and detailed wall charts. 

There were also basic dorm rooms with metal bunk beds lined up against the reinforced concrete walls, designed to protect inhabitants from a nuclear blast.

The historic Grade II-listed property was snapped up at auction back in 2016 and has now been converted into a trio of stunning apartments. 

Each of the transformed properties boasts heavy blast doors made from military grade steel. 

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The run-down exterior shows how the bunker was left when the nuclear threat ended[/caption]

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It was packed with comms tech so the military to stay in touch in the event of an attack[/caption]

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The homes are being targeted at high-income professionals looking for something quirky[/caption]

And there should be no fall-out with noisy neighbours as the walls of the bunker, near the riverside village of Mistley, are protected by 23ins 

One of the homes even features an original ventilation system, housed behind a glass viewing wall. 

Buyers with £550,000 to fork out can look forward to being part of the latest chapter in the building’s fascinating history. 

Max Turner from Savills estate agents believes said: “Effortlessly stylish, the developers have found the perfect balance of combining modern day luxury with restored original features to create an extraordinary transformation.

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Old pictures show where military tactics would have been ironed out[/caption]

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Soldiers trapped by radiation would be expected to sleep in bunks[/caption]

“It’s a truly unique development – connecting the past and present in a landmark building that’s part of the area’s heritage and which will of course make a great talking point when friends and family visit,” he said.

Mr Turner hailed the bunker’s location as perfect for those looking some some peace and quiet in their hectic lives. 

“We’ve already received a lot of very positive feedback and people are obviously interested in the bunker’s history. 

“It also ticks a lot of the boxes that buyers are continuing to look for – tucked away on the edge of the village with plenty of access to outdoor space, yet within a short distance of shops, restaurants and the nearby station.”

Each apartment also comes with off-road parking and an enclosed garden.

After the end of its use as a military facility the bunker became a popular museum which sadly closed its doors for the last time in 2002. 

The apartments – ‘centred around a communal atrium with plenty of natural light’ – are on sale with Savills with prices starting from £550,000.

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