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Fort Worth officer fired for ‘racially insensitive’ social media post

A Fort Worth police officer was fired Monday for a “racially insensitive” social media post — less than a month after another department cop was axed for the same reason.

The post made by Officer Kelly Kujawski was discovered on Feb. 5 by a colleague, kicking off an Internal Affairs probe that concluded she violated the department’s policy on social media use.

Chief Neil Noakes “concurred with the chain of command determination that Officer Kujawski was in violation of department General Orders and that her conduct brought unfavorable criticism upon the department,” the Fort Worth Police Department said in a Monday statement.

Kujawski’s termination comes after former Officer Chadwick Hughes was fired last month for publishing “racially insensitive and inappropriate” social media posts, WFAA reported.

Two other officers in the department were also fired in recent weeks for separate alleged offenses, the report said.

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