Four women bare all as they tell of the key moment they finally learned to love their body

Four women bare all as they tell of the key moment they finally learned to love their body

MANY women have an up-and-down relationships with their bodies.

Learning to appreciate our looks is not always easy but sometimes a single moment can change our perceptions for ever.

Four women tell of how they finally learned to love their body, following in the foot steps of  Rochelle Humes, who bared all for Women’s Health
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Singer turned telly presenter Rochelle Humes stripped off earlier this month to grace the cover of Women’s Health magazine.

The 30-year-old mother of two bared all after gaining new confidence from the birth of her second daughter in 2017.

Rochelle said: “I really don’t care what people think any more.

“And I’m so happy with my body because now I know what it can do. I’m in a happy place, so why the hell not? Stretch marks and all, here I am.”

Here, four more women tell Jenny Francis about the key moment when they finally learned to love their body.

Janet Charlton, 62

‘I now love seeing my body naked’

MUM-OF-THREE Janet Charlton hated her body after having two kids in her early twenties. But Janet, 62, of Milton Keynes, fell in love with her figure at 40 after having her third child. The retired shopworker says:

Janet Charlton, 62, was 39 when she realised ‘weight no longer mattered’ and began to appreciate her body
David Cummings – The Sun

“I married at 21 and four years later had son Scott, then Lee four years after that.

“I struggled to get back to my pre-baby size eight. I spent my twenties and thirties dieting but was never comfortable naked and couldn’t enjoy a meal without counting calories. Aged 29, I divorced.

“At 38, I met my second husband Stewart Doherty (a builder, now 64). We married a year later.

“I was 39 when we started trying for children. I twice suffered miscarriages but realised how amazing my body had been when I was younger, producing two babies. Yet I’d never praised it.

“At 39, I fell pregnant again and Chelsea was born. I gained three stone but the weight no longer mattered. Instead of rushing back to dieting, I took time to appreciate my body and baby.

“I eat healthily now but don’t fad-diet – and I love seeing myself naked.”


Ruby Cromwell, 29

‘I believed him when he said I was ugly’

SINGLE Ruby Cromwell’s body-confidence peaked after she broke up with an abusive boyfriend. The 29-year-old jewellery maker, who is from Norwich, says:

David Cummings – The Sun

Ruby Cromwell, 29, realised she was allowed to celebrate her body after ridding herself of a toxic ex-partner[/caption]

“I met Tom* in 2013 through friends. After a few dates, we became a couple.

“As time went on, he changed. He started telling me what to wear and said things like: “I’m glad you wore that dress without me – no guy would hit on you in that.”

“Tom convinced me no one else would find me attractive naked. I loathed my body. It took me three years to realise the hold he had over me and I left him in January 2016.

“About a week after being free of him, seeing my friends and hearing their kind words, I felt this lightbulb go on in my head. I realised I was allowed to celebrate my body and feel good about it.

“I started wearing clothes to show off my figure, getting fit and even took up burlesque dancing. Now I’m the happiest and most confident in my own skin I could ever be.”

Jessica Doherty, 22

‘The risk of boob op’s not worth it

STUDENT Jessica Doherty, 22, from Derry in Northern Ireland, hated her breasts. But after reading about the risks of cosmetic surgery, she sees her body as naturally beautiful. She says:

Jessica Doherty, 22, hated her breasts and planned to have an op done but now she appreciates what she has
David Cummings – The Sun

“As a teen, I worried what others thought of how I looked. I felt left out when other girls developed breasts. When I was 18 I started saving for breast implants. At 22, I’d saved enough money.

“I met my partner Aaron (Deery, 38, a chef) last August and booked my surgery shortly after. He told me I had a fantastic body and tried to talk me out of the surgery. As the date approached, I researched the procedure and realised the risks.

“I read articles about faulty implants and possible complications and saw images of infections. I couldn’t believe how little thought I’d given it.

“That night, I lay in bed and thought: “I’m risking my LIFE for bigger breasts. Is this really want I need?”

“It made me realise I needed to appreciate what I’ve got. It was a total change overnight and the next morning, I cancelled the surgery. I started to look at my body in a loving way.”

Jess Logan, 28

‘I felt beautiful in my bikini — scars and all’

MORTGAGE advisor Jess Logan, 28, lives with her husband Dale, 30, a warehouse worker, in Tamworth, West Mids. She says:

Jess Logan, 28, was on her honeymoon when she decided to not be insecure about her scars anymore
David Cummings – The Sun

“At the start of 2017 I began suffering abdominal cramps and in April I went to hospital with severe ulcerated colitis – a form of inflammatory bowel disease.

“That July, I had emergency surgery to remove my entire colon. I had a huge scar and a stoma and instantly hated my body.

“It took me until April 2018 to feel strong enough to marry Dale. The wedding dress covered my scars but I dreaded the honeymoon in Budapest.

“I knew I’d have to wear swimwear, so I bought the most covered-up outfit I could find.

She had an emergency surgery to remove her entire colon, leaving a scar and a stoma

“But halfway through the holiday, something clicked. I was on my honeymoon, so why let a scar ruin it? I bought a bikini and went straight out to the pool.

“No one cared, no one stared and I realised how amazing it was that I was there, after marrying the man of my dreams, 12 months after7 nearly dying. I felt beautiful, scars and all.

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