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France vs Germany sees protester PARACHUTE into stadium before Euro 2020 KO

A PROTESTOR has PARACHUTED into the Allianz Arena in an attempt to disrupt France vs Germany.

He landed on the pitch before being taken away by security, but somehow did not delay the start of the match.

The protestor landed on the pitch after parachuting in
Antonio Rudiger helps the protestor up and ensures he is okay

The parachute contained messages relating to Greenpeace according to journalist Archie Rhind-Tutt.

His tweet reports that the protestor almost crashed into fans after hitting a big line above the stands, but he managed to steer himself onto the field instead.

Toni Rudiger reportedly approached the protestor to ensure he was okay after his crash landing.

And some of the parachute was clipped by TV cameras, so the protestor was fortunate to make it down in one piece.

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