From Kane to Bale to Kante, what Euros stars drive and how long it takes them to earn it

FOOTBALLERS change their cars as often as their haircuts.

Because why wouldn’t you?

From Kane to Bale to Kante – we reveal what Euro stars drive and how long it takes them to earn it

When you’ve got that much money to burn, there’s no need to spread the cost on a three-year PCP like the rest of us.

They could buy a hot set of wheels every time they step on to the pitch.

As the Euros kick-off tomorrow, here’s what some of our favourite players drive . . . and how long it takes them to earn it.

Based on their current club salaries, England captain Harry Kane could buy a £212k Bentley a week while France and Chelsea star N’Golo Kante could buy nine Minis with his weekly pay.

Note: These figures are estimates supplied by car maintenance service

Come on, England!

Steer we go, steer we go, steer we go . . . 

It takes Man U ace Marcus Rashford just 35mins to afford a Mercedes S Class
Harry Kane can net enough in just over an hour to buy a flash £212k Bentley Supersports
Welsh maestro Bale can speed away in a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso after just 27minutes of work
Midfielder Mason Mount can make enough in 97minutes to cruise in a Range Rover SVR Urban
Kevin De Bruyne favours a Merc G6 that costs £142k
Paul Pogba drives an £866k McLaren P1
N’Golo Kante’s humble Mini Cooper S takes just 10minutes to make the £23k cost
In an hour Andrew Robertson can afford to ride around in a fancy Range Rover Sport
Connor Coady can cruise in his Audi Q7 after around 4hours of work
Kyle Walker’s Bentley costs a modest 97minutes of work at £163k
Keeper Jordan Pickford can hurl about in his Lambo all he likes but let’s hope he can keep countless clean sheets at the Euros

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