Furious Brit left fuming after paying £10 for two 99 ice cream cones as he blasts ‘greedy’ van seller for ‘price ambush

A FURIOUS Brits was left fuming after he forked out £10 for just two ice cream cones.

The ticked-off customer has now blasted “greedy” van sellers – despite the fact that the UK is suffering a chocolate flake shortage.


A man has slammed the price he was ‘ambushed’ into paying for two ice creams[/caption]

The man came across the expensive summer delights while visiting the Roaches, North Staffordshire, during half-term, Stoke on Trent Live reports.

He wrote on social media: “The first and last time I pay £10 for two 99s. I know there’s a Flake shortage but come the f*** on!”

Last month it was revealed that Cadbury has failed to keep up with a boom in demand for the crumbly treat across the country and Ireland too.

They are usually served on top of Mr Whippy vanilla flavoured ice cream, dished out by ice cream trucks parked along beach fronts or on neighbourhood pavements.

But the chocolate staple is at risk from disappearing from shops, vans and ice cream parlours completely until July.


The man had been visiting the Roaches, North Staffordshire on half-term break[/caption]

After the man’s outburst, he later updated his post to say that he had been in contact with the van seller.

He said: “I received an apology and assurances that pricing will now be clear on the vans. Hopefully, no one will be ‘price ambushed’ moving forward.”

But lots of people weighed in in the comments, giving their two cents on how the man should have handled the situation.

One man wrote: “You either pay or walk away. Your choice. Don’t pay and then complain. 

“Tell the vendor you’re walking away… that’s the only way to make them rethink their pricing.”

Another added: “More fool you for paying it. Ask the price, if too much walk away, watch the faces when you do it. 

“I’ve done it when something was too dear. Try it next time.”

A third said: He said: “We got four chocolate-covered ice cream from Aldi for 99p and they are absolutely beautiful. They are Magnum lookalikes.”

The popular ice creams did at one stage cost 99p at one stage but as of 2021, the cost of 99 Flakes starts from roughly £1.50.

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