Furious resident dubbed ‘mayo man’ after covering man’s Audi with creamy sauce – leaving car ‘stinking’

A SAUCY surprise has left a man fuming after his Audi was smothered in “stinking” creamy dressing by a vengeful “Mayo man”.

Jason Doolan, 28, was left in a right pickle after finding the egg-based condiment smeared over his vehicle in a revenge attack amid a parking row.

Media Scotland

Jason Doolan has been targeted by a ‘Mayo man’ in Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland[/caption]

Media Scotland

You want pickles with that? Jason is not impressed with the saucy revenge[/caption]

Jason told the Daily Record that he was ‘stunned’ to find his car covered in bits of paper dripping with ‘cheap’ mayonnaise.

The mayo connoisseur noted that it “definitely wasn’t Hellmann’s, it was stinking, it had been sitting there for over an hour and you could smell it before you could see it.”

The attack was sparked by a heated parking row in the South Ayrshire town of Troon, Scotland.

Parking appears to be at a premium in the lane – with too few spaces for a block of residential flats and a busy local kebab shop.

Jason claims that he is being targeted by an angry middle-aged man, who is resorting to using smelly condiments to deter him from parking outside his flat.

In one such attack, the aircraft mechanic had to scrape off dozens of pieces of paper lined with the egg-based dressing stuck on to his Audi’s bonnet, windows and roof.

So he set up a hidden camera to catch his annoyed neighbour in the act.

The Record reports that “shock footage shows the irate man slapping paper lined with the mayo onto his silver Audi”.

Media Scotland

Parking is at a premium in the lane, as the local leaves more sauce-covered paper[/caption]

Jason said: “This has been going on for at least six months.

“I started parking there because it is all double yellows outside my flat across the road.

“His argument is that I am blocking the entrance for fire engines but I would never do that, there is plenty of space for any emergency vehicle to get past.”

Jason adds that the parking row started with “little notes on my car”.

Next, he was being “shouted at” over the space before the clash allegedly escalated into “strange threats” – or the man would weirdly stand there ‘filming’ him in the lane.

The neighbour also allegedly mocked him, saying “you think you’re a big man in your Audi”.

He labelled the stinking mayo as “cheap stuff” and posted his camera footage on a Facebook community page to warn others of the local “Mayo Man”.

But, that triggered comments by fellow residents who replied that they, too, had been forced to clean off eggs poured over their cars.

Despite the egg and sauce attacks a determined Jason refuses to be pushed from the parking space.

He said there was no choice, as parking elsewhere would cop him a parking ticket.

A South Ayrshire Council spokesman said the authority hadn’t been told about the parking row.

He urged residents who believed a crime had been committed to complain to the police.

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