Garden pests: How to get rid of insects on your plants – and you don't need pesticide

Gardeners are likely to be giving the finishing touches to their gardens this month, ready for the next few months ahead. But while your plants and flowers may be starting to blossom, vegetable and garden pests may be licking their lips…

Pests are one of the biggest challenges facing gardeners, because there’s always such a big variety of bugs to watch out for.

They can completely munch through your favourite plants, and subsequently spread like wildfire.

The pests might even start to spread disease around the garden, throwing all of your summer plans into disarray.

But, there are some easy ways to avoid pests from ever causing alarm.

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Grow a variety of plants

One of the easiest ways to get rid of pests is to mix up your garden with a range of different plants.

If you were to just grow one type of plant, the pest infestation is more likely to grow.

Any pest that particularly enjoys your chosen type of plant could flock to the garden in their droves, as there would be plenty of food available for them.

But, if you were to have a nice variety of plants and flowers, the risk of an infestation is considerably lower.

Rotate your plants

As well as using a variety of plants, you should also consider a crop rotation plan every year.

Simply growing the same plants year on year would encourage pests to keep coming back, because they know the food will be there.

Use specific insect-repellant plants

Some types of plant act as natural repellants to garden pests.

Cloves, celery, broccoli and garlic are all ideal crops to grow in your own garden.

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