Gardening weeds: FIVE dangerous weeds to eradicate from your green spaces

Gardening fans have ideal weather to curate their hobby right now, with glorious wall-to-wall sunshine and temperatures clocking in above 25C. Forecasters don’t expect this to change, giving people a wide window to watch their summer plants blossom. But as they spend more and more time outside, they need to keep their eyes peeled for some shady figures in their Sun-soaked gardens.

Giant hogweed

An infamous plant in the UK, giant hogweed is dangerous to both plants and humans.

Their canopy-like flowers grow high and wide, preventing other plants from getting sunlight.

They also produce an abrasive sap which causes burns and blisters on contact with human skin.

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Another pretty plant, wolfsbane blooms with purple blossoms in the autumn and winter.

But much like the other plants on the list, coming into contact with it warrants immediate medical advice.

Wolfsbane can cause laboured breathing, nausea, weak, irregular heartbeats and cold, clammy skin.

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