Gemma Collins fans claim star looks just like Pamela Anderson as she flashes thigh posing in only an oversized shirt

GEMMA Collins’ fans have claimed that the star looks just like Pamela Anderson in her latest Instagram snap.

The 40-year-old star cheekily flashed a glimpse of her thigh as she posed in only a crisp white night-shirt.

Gemma flashed thigh and showed off her natural beauty in a new snap

She showed off her natural beauty with minimal make-up as she posed with one hand on her hip, drawing attention to her trimmer waist after weight loss.

Gemma’s blonde hair is loose and straight over her shoulders, and she promoted the luxury sleepwear brand in the post’s caption.

But some of her followers were distracted by her resemblance to another star, with one gasping in the comments: “Geez I thought it was Pam Anderson for a minute.”

Pamela, 53, shot to fame as a sexy blonde lifeguard in US show Baywatch, famed for its slow-mo running scenes and bright red swimwear.

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She was compared to Baywatch icon Pamela Anderson[/caption]

The fan admitted to confusing Gem for Pam

Another gushed: “God, you look so young 🔥🔥

A third swooned: “OMGGGGGG THIS IS BEYOND 😍😍😍😍😍

One more wrote: “Wow Gemma you look gorgeous without makeup😮… Just like butter wouldnt melt in your mouth… Such a sweetie ❤❤”.

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Gemma has rebranded herself as a ‘fitness queen’ in recent months[/caption]

Gemma has lost almost four stone in recent months after rebranding herself as a “fitness queen”, documenting her weight loss journey online.

She has undergone what she termed a “massive health overhaul” by taking up running and hiring a personal trainer.

Gemma has also launched her own fitness range and plans to release an app so fans can follow her plans.


She has lost almost four stone[/caption]

She previously said of her transformation: “It’s crazy to think that one minute I was obsessed with clothes and shopping and now I’ve actually got obsessed with health and exercise. 

“It’s me Gemma, my new name is fitness queen. Since turning 40 I’ve become so much more aware of my health and I’m kind of regretting maybe not taking my health as seriously as I should have done.

“In our 20s and 30s we don’t think about it, I am trying to be so fit and healthy right now, I am on a massive health drive.”

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