Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan shares vile abuse from trolls telling her to ‘brush out’ her cellulite and ‘go to the gym’

HOLLY Hagan gave fans a glimpse into the sick trolling she is subject too, with online bullies likening her bum to a “melted tyre” and urging her to “go to the gym.”

The ex Geordie Shore star, 28, has always been candid with her body battles on her Instagram page, which go hand in hand with her fitness journey transformation.

Holly Hagan has opened up on the vile troll comments she received on a bikini snap

Holly, who has been frank in “embracing” the cellulite on her legs, uploaded a snap showing her in a sexy green bikini as she stood in her garden.

Alongside the glam snap, Holly inserted snippets of the horrific comments sent to her by keyboard bullies.

One said: “Try a pair of shorts,” while another put: “Ooops forgot to mention surely there’s gyms near you.”

Another added: “Her a**e is like a melted tyre.”

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Keyboard bullies compared her bum to a ‘melted tyre’[/caption]


Others told her to ‘go to the gym’[/caption]

One then wrote: “The girl might be nice from the waistline up but the bottom end could do with a million brush strokes … no need to be in that form gyms are crying out for members dear.”

In a lengthy caption, the inspirational MTV star opened up on how she can push the negativity to one side.

She wrote: “Let’s talk about trolling..

“Fortunately I don’t get these comments often anymore. Comments like these were the reason I tried to change my body in the first place.


Some suggested the body-positive TV star needed ‘brushstrokes’ to hide her cellulite[/caption]


Holly said the troll comments ‘sadden’ her[/caption]

“In the beginning 90% of the comments were like this. Before the word “troll” existed. This was just people ‘having their opinion’

“In the past I would have said: ‘I have no idea why someone would post a comment like that’.. but the fact is I do know.

“They’re hurting. They’re projecting whatever they feel about themselves onto someone else. So that for one second they can be distracted from their own misery. It was never about me.

“This is a grown woman with her own daughter and I hope No1 ever speaks to her child in the same manner.


Holly burst into the limelight on Geordie Shore[/caption]

“It saddens me because she’s going to be raising a little girl to do what she does. Children aren’t born with hate in their heart. They copy their parents, they do what they see their parents do.

“If mummy comments on other woman’s appearances in a negative manner then why can’t she?

“Upon looking at her account I can only find the odd group picture all of which have a Snapchat filter. I’m no therapist so I won’t try to diagnose her but in my experience and what I’ve learnt from trolling is that this is probably a person who dislikes themselves.

“I’ve NEVER come across a happy, confident, successful internet troll.


Holly flagged the troll comment as ‘an opportunity to educate’[/caption]

“They just do not exist.

Because happy, confident, successful people do not feel the need to bring others down.

Rather than let it get to me or make me sad I’m just pleased I can use this as an opportunity to educate.

You may get a million positive comments but it only takes ONE to make you question yourself. Am I good enough?”

Holly has transformed her life by building a fitness empire

Finishing her post on a positive note, Holly put: “I’m at a point in my life now where I know I am good enough. I know what I have to offer and that extends way past my physical appearance.

“But there are people out there who are struggling, who are getting comments like this daily and doubting their worth.

“Just know that you are enough. And the only reason anyone would ever want to bring you down is because you are already above them in every way.

“Please remember that it’s never about you.”

The Sun recently revealed how Holly’s Ibiza wedding was cancelled

The post came after The Sun revealed Holly’s Ibiza nuptials were cancelled due to changes in covid travel guidelines.

Holly was due to marry her fiancé Jacob Blyth in a dream ceremony on the Balearic island next month- but Covid has put a spanner in the works.

The Balearics, the collection of islands in which Ibiza sits, currently remains in the ‘amber’ zone, meaning visitors will have to isolate for ten days at home.

A source told The Sun: “Like so many other brides Holly has been really put through the wringer with her wedding and she is hugely upset.”.

Today, Holly took to her Instagram stories to talk about her issues with body confidence more deeply.

She said: “Cellulite is normal, whether you’re fat, thin, active or not. It doesn’t matter. So wear the bikini, the shorts, the skirt because the more we see it, the more normalised it becomes.”

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