Hair stylist fixes woman’s streaky colour after botched home bleach job – but the scissors had to come out

WITH salons forced to close during lockdown, it’s fair to say that most of us tried to give ourselves a DIY hair-over and resulted in many a botched bleached job and dodgy trim.

Luckily for one woman, her hair stylist was able to correct her streaky dye job – but not before reaching for the scissors – after she attempted to bleach her blonde hair herself


A hair stylist has revealed how they colour corrected a woman’s botched bleach job[/caption]

TikTok user Paint Salon Seattle shared a video online of a client who ended up with an uneven colour all over from their home dye, with her hair looking orange in parts.

“My client bleached her own hair,” the stylist revealed, adding: “No judgement. I was happy to fix it.”

First up, they were forced to trim the ends for a healthier finish, as they had become dry and were beginning to break, with the stylist reaching for the scissors to give the client a slight chop.

Calling it a “hair rescue mission”, the stylist shared that they then added back-to-back lowlights, with a few highlights and toner for an even blonde finish.


Their client had attempted to bleach their hair at home – leaving her locks in need of a cut[/caption]


After reaching for the scissors, the stylist corrected the colour with lowlights, highlights and toner[/caption]

The toner helped to get rid of any orange hues and the woman was left with a low-maintenance blended blonde hue that was easy to manage, given her naturally dark hair.

People watching the hair transformation had questioned how bad the DIY dye job was from the stylist’s initial video, prompting them to share more ‘before’ pictures of the woman’s hair.

The stylist commented: “Def not the worst DIY hair I’ve seen, but it had a lot of room for improvement.”


The toner was used to get rid of any uneven orange blocks across the woman’s hair[/caption]


While the woman and her stylist were chuffed with the results, others weren’t so impressed[/caption]

They were hit with a few comments from people claiming they preferred the woman’s hair before the colour correction, but others praised the “great job” the stylist had done “fixing” it.

Addressing the finished look, one person revealed they weren’t a fan of the toned down blonde colour.

They posted: “Tbh. If it were me who had that hair colour. I’d be a devastated Karen. Well I won’t throw a fit tho (sic).”


After some people said they preferred the woman’s hair before, the stylist shared more snaps of the botched job[/caption]


They revealed the extent of the patchy dye, proving her hair was in dire need of rescuing[/caption]

“I don’t get how people r saying it’s better before, much better now,” one person commented.

Another said: “Anyone else picking up a slight green tone. I honestly thought it looked better before.”

Plenty more were in agreement that the stylist had done a “great” job, with one person sharing: ‘It’s definitely better now.”

A fifth wrote: “Looks much better!! Some people don’t understand how complicated colour corrections can be.”

A sixth person added: “This looks so good and honestly all the people hating probably have no idea how major of a change this was and how much work it is. Looks beautiful.”

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