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Heartbroken Stephanie Davis reveals she’s had a miscarriage and ‘feels so lost right now’

STEPHANIE Davis has revealed she’s suffered a miscarriage.

The actress tonight told fans on Instagram of her heartache having kept her pregnancy a secret until now.

Steph Davis has revealed she’s had a miscarriage

Alongside an emotional video of Steph telling boyfriend Oliver Tasker she was expecting, she wrote: “We only told close friends and family as wanted to wait till the 12 weeks safety mark even though I thought of course it would all be fine. I was so happy.

“Unfortunately I started getting pains and was under the hospital were they were keeping a close eye on on me. Scans and lots of bloods later I had the dreaded phone call of the hospital saying that my levels were dropping drastically, and sadly my pregnancy is no more.

“Then it was just the waiting game to start bleeding and loose what I dreamt about and was so happy about. I finally thought I had my happy ending. That’s why I’ve been quiet and today the dreaded pains and bleeding has begun, it makes it all real now that it’s over 😢.”

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