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Holiday chaos as queues hit Heathrow, Manchester AND Luton – with 5-hour waits & passengers fainting

MORE passengers have been hit by long queues with travellers even fainting due to chaos at UK airports.

Luton Airport is the latest to be affected, just hours after problems at Heathrow and Manchester, with passengers waiting up to five hours to pass through border control.

Gavin Rodgers/ Pixel8000

Long queues have now hit Luton Airport[/caption]

Gavin Rodgers/ Pixel8000

Passengers were forced to wait in crowded tunnels this morning at the airport[/caption]

Anastasia Tolmacova, who was at Luton this morning at 1am, showed hundreds of people queueing at the terminal.

She said in her video: “Massive queues at London Luton airport past midnight. Any social distancing is virtually impossible.

“Why do we have to pay extra for overpriced Covid tests when the situation at the border is so poorly managed?”

Another person shared images of the Luton Airport queues on social media adding: “Thanks for the Covid-19 tunnels.”

Passengers have already faced problems at Luton this year, with two hour queues at the border last month.

However, Luton Airport claimed that it was due to the additional Covid checks required at the border, adding: “Border Force is responsible for this part of the journey and we continue to work with them to ensure wait times are reduced as much as possible.”

Yesterday, frustrated Heathrow passengers faced “horrific” queues for a sixth day running with the chaos also spreading to Manchester Airport.

Holidaymakers waited to get through border control for hours due to a passenger backlog and strict Covid checks.

Issues with eGates and staffing have also caused havoc for Brits returning home, with one weary traveller saying: “Still horrific queues at Heathrow’s T3 this morning. It’s inhumane to force the disabled and children especially to stand for hours!

“Where’s the promised improvement?”

Another posted a picture of a “Welcome to the UK” sign, saying: “Welcome to the UK T3 arrivals, now join the Long, Long wait #heathrow”.


Queues at Manchester Airport led to suitcases piling on conveyor belts and the floor, with one holidaymaker telling Sky News he saw a pregnant woman pass out while in the queue on Friday night.

Other images showed a man who had passed out face down in the long queues.

The airport confirmed they have asked Border Force to investigate the delays, which they admitted were “longer than usual”.

Earlier this summer, Lucy Moreton head of ISU immigration union previously warned they were “not set up to cope with that demand”.

She said: “There is no way that the border can maintain that level of checks as the number of travellers increase. We’ve got away with it so far because the number of travellers are so low.

“But even at this point we’re seeing queues of one to two hours. From the number of bookings we’ve seen already, we’ll easily see three, four-hour queues when people start returning.”

Gavin Rodgers/ Pixel8000

Manchester Airport passengers were also stuck in huge queues over the weekend[/caption]

Heathrow travellers have suffered from long waits for months
MEN Media

Passenger shave called the long waits “horrific” – with some even fainting in the queues[/caption]

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