Holly Willoughby in hysterics over Love Island blunder on This Morning as star attempts ‘I’ve got a text’ moment

HOLLY Willoughby got in a muddle today when she tried to channel one of the Love Island lot on This Morning.

The 40-year-old star had the honour of announcing the new line-up of stars on ITV’s flagship reality show.

Phillip Schofield held his head in his hands after Holly Willoughby’s blunder

And she tried to join in the fun by shouting “I’ve got a text” in the manner of the Islanders lounging by the pool.

However, she ran into trouble when she realised she couldn’t read it off her phone and needed to revert to her This Morning-issue iPad.

She said “Ooh got a text” before slowly putting her phone down, picking up her tablet and adding: “On this one.”

Phillip Schofield giggled: “I wondered how you were going to do that.”

She said: ‘I’ve got a text’ on her phone – but quickly realised that wasn’t going to work
She then picked up the iPad to read the next piece of information

She laughed: “I know, I was like how am I going to read it? It’s on here. They’re linked up, it’s very clever.”

The pair later composed themselves and announced a new set of Love Island stars, which were revealed today every half-hour.

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