Holly Willoughby is targeted in bizarre satanism row after posing with healing crystal

HOLLY Willoughby has become embroiled in a bizarre satanism row after posing with a crystal on Instagram.

The seemingly innocent selfie, in which she covered one eye with a large piece of celestite, prompted some followers to accuse her of being a member of the Illuminati and “promoting satanism”.


Holly Willoughby’s latest Instagram post has caused quite a stir[/caption]

Conspiracy theorists claim she was recreating The All-Seeing Eye or The Eye of Providence symbol that is commonly associated with the Illuminati – an organisation supposedly consisting of powerful individuals trying to establish a new world order.

One follower commented on Holly’s post: “the All Seeing Eye – dark satanic s*it…symbolism will be their downfall!!”

Another posted: “yes it’s Illuminati , she’s one of them.”

A third asked: “how is Satan today Holly?”


She is a believer in the powers of crystals[/caption]


But conspiracy theorists aren’t happy with her pose[/caption]

While another said: “Nice bit of satanic symbolism there, we know who owns your soul.”

The Eye of Providence typically appears as an eye inside a triangle and can be seen in many places from churches to dollar bills.

The mysterious motif has led theorists to believe it’s a symbol of a shadowy sect manipulating the workings of the world.


Holly in a glam frock for The Masked Dancer[/caption]

It’s not the first time Holly has posted about crystals.

She previously showed off her collection, which includes a meditation ball to help her relax.

And she also credits fluorite with helping keep her son Chester’s nightmares at bay.

She previously said on This Morning: “Chester sleeps with a bit of green fluorite and the last four nights it’s disappeared down the back of his bed and he’s had nightmares the last four nights,” Holly told viewers.

“So I pulled the bed out and got it, last night he slept through fine. I know there’s no science to this but that is something you go, well, if that helps, it helps.”

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