Homes Under The Hammer star Martin Roberts ‘in shock and distraught’ after he’s forced to put down beloved dog Rolo

HOMES Under The Hammer star Martin Roberts has been left heartbroken after he was forced to put his beloved dog Rolo to sleep aged four.

The 57-year-old star paid emotional tribute to the pooch on Instagram, where he admitted that he was “in shock and distraught”.

Martin has been left heartbroken by his pup Rolo’s death

The TV favourite shared a selection of snaps of adorable Rolo, including one of himself cuddling up to the pup.

Martin explained in the post’s caption that Rolo – who’d been poorly for a few days – had been diagnosed with bowel disease, and putting him to sleep was the “kindest” thing.

The star wrote: “I’m sorry to have to share the unbearably sad news that Rolo has just been put to sleep.

“He had advanced inflamed bowel disease and had deteriorated rapidly. There was no cure and they said it was the kindest thing.


He paid tribute to the pup online[/caption]

“I am in shock, distraught and heartbroken. I loved him so much x”.

The Labradoodle was just four years old and panicked Martin had revealed previously that he’d been in and out of the vets with “stomach problems”.

Taking to Twitter, he’d begged fans for tips on how to get Rolo to eat, becoming concerned after the dog refused all of his usual favourites.

Martin had also ranted about the “obscene” cost of taking a pet to the vet, calling for there to be an investigation into the high charges.

PA:Press Association

Martin stars on Homes Under The Hammer[/caption]

He said on social media: “It is an absolute outrage.

“I think there is an investigation that needs to be done about vets costs because it’s obscene. It will stop you doing the best for you pet!

“It’s terrible, it’s terrible… I thought vets were there to save lives, not save them if you can pay.”

However, he insisted that Rolo would get “whatever he needs” while he is under the vet’s care, but unfortunately he was already too poorly.

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