How long will my arm hurt after the Covid vaccine? How to reduce pain and when to get help

Covid vaccinations have progressed smoothly in the UK, giving the country a slither of hope as it lurches towards a lockdown delay. The Prime Minister is expected to inform England he will postpone the “Freedom Day” date of June 21 by a month this evening. Until then, the vaccine programme will likely continue as is, and eventually, allow the country to emerge out the other side of its year-long restrictions.

How long does your arm hurt after the Covid vaccine?

Most people have welcomed the UK’s programme with open arms as they realise it presents the most straightforward path to post-lockdown life.

The process is painless, aside from a brief sting, but may leave some people with a sore arm at the injection site.

And in some cases, it may feel worse the day after as well.

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A persistent sore arm and accompanying rash may also indicate another condition.

Inflammation at the site of infection may suggest “Covid arm”, a condition doctors have dubbed “delayed cutaneous hypersensitivity”.

While traditionally harmless and short-lived, people may want additional help or advice if they see it materialise within a week of the injection.

They will also want to visit a medical professional if it does not wear off within a few days.

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