How to care for your houseplants this summer – 6 tips for healthy house plants

Direct sunlight

Mr Folger explains: “If you have plants that were basking in the afternoon Spring sunshine, they may be at risk of burning in the stronger summer sun.

“Consider moving your plants somewhere shadier or where they are only getting morning or late evening rays (cacti are an exception!).

“Also, to help your plants grow evenly, rotate them once a week, so that the sun exposure is equal on each side.”


Remove any dying or unnecessary foliage on a regular basis for the best plant maintenance.

Mr Folger advises: “Dropping foliage is ripe for infections and pesky insects, so it’s best to get rid of it before the pests find out.

“I recommend using a pruner with a curved blade as this makes it much easier to isolate leaves and stems.”

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