I got stuck on top of a man when his willy piercing got caught inside me – we had to wiggle around until we were freed

LET’S face it, Hollywood has set the bar high when it comes to what sex should actually look like – but doing the deed can sometimes be more effort than it’s worth.

Just ask this randy couple who found themselves in a very unfortunate situation when they literally got stuck together while getting it on.

Tiktok / @crystalshipkelly

TikTok user Crystal Ship Kelly detailed the horrific moment her man’s willy piercing got lodged inside of her[/caption]

To say they were inseparable is an understatement as TikTok user Crystal Ship Kelly detailed the horrific moment a man’s willy piercing got lodged inside of her.

Setting the scene, Crystal, who regularly shares raunchy clips of herself on OnlyFans, explained that she was “on top” when the incident occurred, which left the bloke “screaming in pain.”

Crystal teased the intimate detail in a clip on TikTok where she explained some interesting facts about her life.

After revealing she is from the Midlands and “sounds like I’m from Peaky Blinders,” the brunette bombshell admitted that she once “got a c*** stuck inside me.”

Tiktok / @crystalshipkelly

She said it didn’t hurt her but he was ‘screaming in pain’ as the pair became stuck together[/caption]

Tiktok / @crystalshipkelly

Crystal shared details on the incident on TikTok but said she doesn’t know how it happened[/caption]

Writing in the on screen caption, she said: “He had a prince albert piercing and it attached to something inside me. He was screaming in pain.”

A Prince Albert piercing is the name given to a piercing of the penis, in which a metal ring is pierced through the skin at the tip of the willy.

It’s believed the piercing could increase sensitivity in the penis, and can also help boost female orgasm – but on this occasion, it wasn’t her screaming, but him.

Responding to a comment from a TikTok user who seemed baffled by the encounter, Crystal explained the situation in more detail.

Tiktok / @crystalshipkelly

People were horrified but amused that the deed could go so horribly wrong[/caption]

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Amused, she said: “I had so many questions about this. But no, it didn’t hurt me at all, it just hurt him.”

She then made a sucking motion with her hands to indicate the moment they realised they were quite literally stuck together.

“We kind of just went… and got stuck” she continued.

“When I tried to get myself off, because I was on top.. I can’t believe I’m talking about this on TikTok…

“When we finally did separate, his thing was still in place, everything was fine, there was no cut or anything.”

While viewers were desperate to know more about how they became attached, and then detached, Crystal said “it was dark and we don’t know what happened.”

Tiktok / @crystalshipkelly

Crystal also revealed that she has an OnlyFans account[/caption]

She jokingly asks if there are “any doctors on here” in hope to finally get some answers herself.

We aren’t sure how long it took her to wiggle her way off either, but we can imagine the panic running through each of them – ouch.

Naturally, viewers found the horrific incident both hilarious and terrifying.

“Omg could you image going to A&E both on the same trolley,” one person joked. Adding: “I’m filled with fear.”

“LMFAO I’ve never gotten stuck,” admitted another.

A number of “fellow Prince Alberters” admitted they have never experienced “getting stuck,” despite having a genital piercing of their own.

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