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I really want to change my baby’s name – it’s embarrassing when I introduce her to people, my husband hates it too

A REGRETFUL mum has asked for advice on whether she can change her babies name a month after her birth.

The mum-of-two claims that she originally liked her new baby girls’ name but that the couple rushed into it and the husband doesn’t like it.

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A mum wants to change her baby girl’s name as she is embarrassed by it[/caption]

The mum also said that she feels the name, ‘Betty’, is now embarrassed and not suitable for their baby.

Posting anonymously in Mumsnet, the woman said: “I actually get quite embarrassed introducing her to people it’s that bad!”

“I don’t call her Betty at all because I can’t stand to imagine having to call her that for the rest of my life!” added the mum.

The woman’s husband has been open about how unhappy he is with the baby’s name and is encouraging his wife to change it before their child got too old.

The couple has decided that they would like to rename their daughter Iris and already have started calling her the name to see how it feels.

“I think it’s a gorgeous name and much prefer it to Betty. We actually decided to call her Iris yesterday around the house to test it out and it suits her perfectly” said the mum.

She added: “I also like how it goes with our eldest’s name, Poppy. Isn’t Poppy and Iris so cute?”

The mum then asked if it was normal to change a baby name at this stage:

“Has anybody changed their baby’s name or known somebody who changed their baby’s name?” she said.

Adding: “Do you think I should? Or should I learn to live with Betty?
Please help!”

The post was met with many comments with a lot of people encouraging the mum to change the name if it meant so much to her.

“Yes of course you can change it and it’s so early on do not hesitate to do it. She doesn’t know her own name yet so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t! Iris is lovely” said one person.

Another commented: “Poppy and Iris go perfectly together, much nicer than Poppy and Betty. Definitely change it. She need never know.”

One commenter even said that she had been in the position herself, but as the baby whose name was changed rather than as a mum.

“My mum changed mine when I was a baby. My nan was annoyed because she had a christening mug engraved but it was fine. Everyone got used to the new name. I was too young to know my own name anyway” she said.

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A couple want to rename their baby after rushing into picking her name[/caption]

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