I was left splodgy in fake tan fail – I wanted to look sexy, I should’ve been suspicious as the salon was tarp in garden

NAILING the self-tan can be tricky and while it’s more cost-effective than heading to the salon every time, sometimes getting in professional help is necessary to avoid a streaky finish.

Wanting to look “sexy” for her 19th birthday, one girl did exactly that and ditched her own fake tan mitt for the reliable eye of a professional by booking in a spray tan.


One girl was left mortified when she realised her spray tan appointment was in a woman’s garden[/caption]

However, things didn’t exactly go to plan and the girl admits she should have known better, after turning up to a woman’s makeshift salon made from a tarp in her garden.

TikTok user known as Quincy (@quincy.philbin) wanted to give herself a golden glow ahead of her 19th birthday, but instead suffered a major fake tan fail that left her a deep shade of orange for two weeks.

Sharing a video online, she revealed that she was left with a huge white ring around her mouth from where she had been wearing chapstick – preventing the tan from sticking.

She’d snapped up a Groupon deal for a spray tan and was left mortified with the results.


The salon was a makeshift pop up with a tarp in the woman’s garage[/caption]


The girl had wanted to look “sexy” for her birthday, but was left a deep shade of orange[/caption]

“Thinking about when I bought a Groupon for a spray tan so I could be sexy for my 19th birthday,” she said alongside a picture of her bright white knicker line after her appointment.

“I thought it was a tanning place, but it was a woman with a tarp in her garage. She sprayed me way too dark,” Quincy added, along a series of shots of her skin looking a deep shade of mahogany.

She explained: “I looked like this for two weeks & had a ring around my mouth from wearing chapstick during the spray tan.”


She was left with a huge white ring around her mouth and the botched tan lasted two weeks[/caption]

Over 122k people have liked her video, but it seemed to leave fellow tan lovers divided with hundreds commenting on her post.

“U LET A WOMAN W A TARP IN HER GARAGE SPRAY TAN U,” quizzed one baffled person.

Another questioned: “When you saw it was a tarp in a garage why did you stay?”

“That’s why you shouldn’t get a spray tan,” a third commented, while one more seemed speechless as they added: “OH MY GOD.”

Others were all for the long-lasting tan, if a little orange, as one person joked: “Christ I wish my tan would last two weeks.”

“A spray tan that lasts 2 weeks? I’m in,” agreed another, while one person teased: “2 weeks… damn I need the address.”

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