I was s***-shamed by airport staff for sitting on my boyfriend’s knee because it was ‘disrespectful to parents’


A WOMAN claims she was ‘s*** shamed’ for sitting on her boyfriend’s knee at an airport while wearing a crop top.

Serah Nathan, 33, was waiting for an internal flight from Sydney to Melbourne with her boyfriend, with whom she is in a long-distance relationship with.

Serah says she was innocently sitting on her boyfriend’s knee as they chatted

As the couple weren’t going to see each other again until Christmas, Serah, a writer, casually chatted while sat on his knee as they enjoyed their last few minutes together.

She said: “I sat on his knees and we just talked about mundane nothingness for a couple of minutes.”

But Serah – who was wearing a crop top and jogging bottoms – says she was approached by Jetstar airline staff who told her to sit on a seat.

She said: “A uniformed Jetstar representative … sidled up and instructed me to ‘sit on a separate seat because there are children watching’.

Serah claims she was was wearing a crop top and jogging bottoms

“My partner and I saw no children in the immediate vicinity and were bewildered at both this request and its relevance to how I was seated.”

Serah, who was flying home with airline Tigerair last Sunday, says a senior member of the team then came over and told her again to sit on a seat.

She said: “I calmly asked her to clarify why I couldn’t converse with my partner while sitting on his knees.

“She reiterated there were children around and added, ‘you’re disrespecting the parents here by straddling your boyfriend’.

“I wasn’t treating a domestic airport terminal like a strip club.”

The writer says she felt s*** shamed over her outfit

Serah says she felt “s*** shamed”, after the employee then suggested her outfit was inappropriate to fly.

She said: “[They] alleged my full length trackies, runners and crop top combo might get me refused on a flight.”

Serah says she was “shocked, humiliated and enraged” by the incident – but it didn’t stop there.

Outraged at how she was treated, Serah contacted Jetstar’s customer service team after she returned home.

She included a snap of her outfit so they could see how she was dressed – prompting some “odd responses” from staff.

She alleges a Jetstar employee called her ‘beautiful’

After sharing her outfit, she shared a screengrab of comments from Jetstar staff.

They said: “I have checked the photo and I think you are very beautiful, your boyfriend must be very lucky to have you.”

A spokesperson from Jetstar said they’re currently investigating the incident.

They said: “We apologise to Serah for the manner in which her query was handled by our online customer service representative which fell well short of the standards we expect.”

This article first appeared on news.com.au  and has been republished with permission. 

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