I’m a proud cougar – I’m double the age of my boyfriend, I don’t care if I’m mistaken for his mum

A SELF-confessed cougar whose boyfriend is almost half her age has revealed why she’ll never date men her own age.

Julie, 44, is in a happy relationship with her ‘stud muffin’, 28, and regularly shares videos of her cougar lifestyle on TikTok where she boasts 633,000 followers.

Julie, 44, is a proud cougar
Her ‘stud-muffin’ boyfriend is just 28 and is often mistaken for her son
Julie says there are plenty of benefits to dating an older lady

The stunning redhead admits that she has been asked hundreds of times if her man is her son and is regularly told she’s too old for him.

But couple, who met on the dating app Bumble, say that they don’t care what others think about their age gap and are more than happy in their relationship.

In fact Julie is on a mission to encourage other men to seek themselves out a cougar, claiming the benefits of older women include, “No drama, vacations, home cooked meals and lots of fun.”

And for those wanting to snag their own cougar Julie is full of advice, admitting the best place to pick them up is TK Maxx and that you should never tell an older woman she “looks good for her age.”

Asked why she’d never find someone her own age, Julie says: “Men my age want to date women half their age.”

Bizarrely, Julie is occasionally told she is too young to be a cougar, but she says this is just not the case.

Speaking on TikTok she explains: “I definitely think that people think that a cougar has to be in her 50s or 60s to get that label, but my cougar friends and I kind of go by the ten year rule.

“If you are dating a man ten years or more younger than you, even if you’re 30 and you’re dating a 20-year-old, you’re a cougar.”

Julie has no interest in dating men her own age

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