I’m fat and travelling is a nightmare – toilets are always cramped and ‘fatphobic’ hotel towels are too small

A BODY positive advocate has highlighted the issues that plus-size people experience when travelling in a series of viral videos.

Mary Fran Donnelly, 27, who works as a teacher, often shares posts encouraging self-love on her TikTok channel where she boasts 332,000 followers.


Mary Fran Donnelly has gone viral thanks to her videos pointing out the problems plus-size people experience on holiday[/caption]

And Mary recently shared a series on the difficulties she and other plus size people experience when visiting ‘fatphobic’ hotels while on a family holiday.

In the first of two videos, Mary’s sister films as the TikTok star points out the problems with the hotel bathroom.

“Are hotels fatphobic?” Mary asks in the video.

“As one might see it (the bathroom) looks normal, would you like to take a pee or a poop? Don’t worry you’ll barely fit.


She points out that most hotel towels don’t cater for a larger guest[/caption]

“Perhaps a shower, oh you need a towel? Don’t worry it won’t fit.”

Mary then demonstrates as she wraps the towel around her body, leaving her entire front exposed.

In a second video, Mary points out that pool towels aren’t much better when it comes to hotels.

She says: “Welcome back to travelling as a fat person with your resident fatass, me, the theme of this episode is amenities.


Mary says that most ‘fatphobic’ hotel bathrooms can be a bit of a squeeze[/caption]

“Let’s talk about pool towels, cause as we know towels in hotels suck.

“So I went and got me a pool towel, it’s a little bigger but not much.

“So we get to choose are we gonna cover the front or the back? Let’s cover the tush shall we.”

Mary demonstrates as once again her entire front is left exposed by the small pool towel.

“Now after a swim maybe you want to go sit on the balcony,” she says as she steps out onto the veranda.


And the outdoor seating was less than comfortable[/caption]


Mary says that while her videos are “all good fun” these are actual stresses for most plus size people on holiday[/caption]

“Oh look a lovely table with chairs, will it house me? I’m not too sure.”

Grimacing as she sits, Mary jokes: “Comfortable and stable.”

The videos have amassed a combined 6.7 million views, with viewers applauding Mary for addressing the issue, dubbing Mary a “damn icon.”

But while Mary describes her videos as “all good fun” she admits that travelling really can be a great stress when you’re plus sized.

She told Buzzfeed: “I cope through humor…I was making light of a situation that is a very real stress for fat, plus-size people…my sister and I could only laugh at how absurd it was.”

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