Inside Iggy Azalea’s 31st birthday party featuring ATV rides, a massive bounce house and lavish gifts

IGGY Azalea celebrated her 31st birthday with some of her closest friends, featuring ATV rides, a massive bounce house, and lavish gifts.

The singer recently changed her look and dyed her hair bright red, as fans compared her to Jessica Rabbit.


Iggy Azalea looked radiant as she celebrated her 31st birthday[/caption]


She was given lavish gifts[/caption]

On Monday, Iggy took to Instagram stories to show off her birthday celebrations as she celebrated with only her closest friends and her son, Onyx.

The devoted mom first shared a snap of a giant bouncy house that had been erected in her backyard.

The bouncy house, which was dubbed the Backyard Club, was put up just for her son to have fun as she wrote: “It’s my birthday today but baby boys gotta have some fun too!”


She also got a bouncy house just for her son[/caption]


He seemed excited to play in it[/caption]

She then shared a sweet snap of her son watching the bouncy house from the inside of their home.

The toddler rocked footsie pajamas as he laid on a mat.

The Black Widow singer – whose real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly – proceeded to show off one of her many gifts: a diamond-encrusted watch with a rose gold background.


Her friends also surprised her with an ATV[/caption]


She enjoyed spending some time with her friends[/caption]

Along with her friends, Iggy also enjoyed some ATV rides as she was picked up from her home. Plenty of her friends were inside the ATV waiting for her to join them.

She ran around the ATV as she filmed the amazing gift.

The singer showed off her enthusiasm as she hoped in the ATV with her flaming red hair and danced around to the blasting music.

Her friends also got together in her living room to sing her happy birthday as they presented her with a cake topped with candles.

The proud mom blew out the candles as those around her cheered.


Iggy recently gave birth to a son[/caption]

Back in April, Iggy gave fans a glimpse into her DM’s as a multitude of men – even celebrities – begged for her attention.

One mystery man with 8.9million fans even offered to transfer over thousands of dollars for a phone or Instagram conversation.

“I’ll pay you for your time. I’ll give you 15k just to speak to me and have a conversation,” he begged.


She almost revealed the names of men who were willing to pay for her attention[/caption]

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