Inside Peter Andre’s epic family holiday to Portugal from private chef and yachts to Princess’s tears

PETER Andre has lifted the lid on his action-packed family holiday to Portugal, just before the government clamped down on travel there.

The singer, 48, has revealed the sunset cruise, barbecues – and even the moment his daughter Princess, 13, broke down when he surprised her.


Peter Andre filmed the highlights of his Portugal holiday for fans[/caption]

Cameras for the family’s YouTube series filmed the moment he told her she would be swimming with dolphins.

But that was just the start of the big-ticket adventures, with the Mysterious Girl singer laying on an itinerary of luxury trips.

Highlights including a sunset cruise, a dip in the sea and the moment a private chef came round to roast their dinner.

He told fans: “I feel very lucky to come out to Portugal because obviously it was on the green list, so people were taking the opportunity to go.


They look over a luxury villa with a swimming pool near Faro last month[/caption]


Princess was overcome by her surprise – and Amelia joined in the hug too[/caption]


Peter treated the family to a sunset cruise around the coast of Portugal[/caption]


They all clambered aboard a luxury yacht in the warm sunshine[/caption]

“And it’s now been put on the amber list so it’s really scuppered people’s plans to come out.”

Viewers saw his family – which included NHS doctor wife Emily and their children Theo and Amelia – filing onto a boat.

Also onboard were Princess and Junior, 16, his children with ex-wife Katie Price, with the young lad seen kicking back on deck in a brightly coloured two-piece outfit.

Peter went on: “I feel terrible for anyone that’s booked holidays but obviously incredibly happy that we got the chance to come and now Emily and everyone’s coming on board and I’m very excited.


Princess and Peter appeared together in the family’s newest YouTube video[/caption]


The family also headed to a golden beach where Theo built a sandcastle[/caption]


Junior and stepmum Emily took a spot at the back of the boat[/caption]


Peter’s children with Emily always have their faces blurred on film[/caption]

The family saw dolphins swimming alongside the boat – before going to a purpose-built park to swim with them.

Princess told her dad: “That was one of the best experiences of my life. I’m so happy. It was amazing.”

Peter explained: “”The excitement on the kids’ faces, unbelievable. Princess can’t believe it. Amelia’s so excited, she’s never seen dolphins apart from the night before.

“It’s going to have her dream come true. She’s been asking for the last three or four years.”


A chef also swung by the villa to cook the family an incredible meal[/caption]

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