Inside TikTok travellers’ VERY glam caravans – complete with plush pink furnishings, gold china and fresh flowers daily

WHAT springs to mind when you think about the interior of a caravan?

From our experience of holiday parks, they’ve always been pretty basic and only ever included the absolute essentials.


Travellers on TikTok have been sharing their VERY glamorous homes[/caption]

That said, TikTok‘s community of VERY glamorous travellers are here to prove us wrong – because their luxe digs are anything but basic.

Earlier this year, traveller teen Beth shared photos of her friend’s stunning caravan in a TikTok clip.

Complete with plush pink rugs and matching bedding, Beth’s pal has made use of every inch of space in the caravan.

And there’s no denying that her enormous pink bed – with EIGHT inviting scatter cushions – looks like something straight out a hotel.


This traveller prides herself on always having fresh flowers on display[/caption]


The gold china is also on display[/caption]

Next to the bed, the traveller woman has a pristine white robe hanging from her wardrobe and a chic vanity unit sits at the entrance of the room too.

As for the kitchen-dining area, the houseproud woman has her finest gold china on display and prides herself on always having a fresh bunch of flowers on display.

What’s more, TikTok user Shan Robyn also has a similar set-up in her trailer.

Giving followers a tour around her living space, the traveller mum gave a glimpse into her bedroom – which had a grey and pink theme.


Shan has a grey and pink theme in her stylish home[/caption]


She has plush pink leather sofas lining her living space[/caption]

She has a crystal cabinet facing the front door full of family portraits

The stylish mum has also continued this theme through the rest of the caravan – from the fluffy grey rugs on the floor to the pink sofas lining the living area.

Opposite the entrance, the mum has a chic glass cabinet which displays family portraits while the rest of kitchen is pristine and white.

Opting for a slightly different colour scheme, TikToker Sherry Chanel has incorporated vibrant pops of yellow around her caravan – from her kitchen tea towels right down to her lemon-print bedspread.

Earlier this year, traveller sisters Caitlin, 18, and Lizzy Mac, 20, gave Fabulous a tour around their stunning two-bedroom trailer home in St Albans, Herts – and they even have a whole TRAILER to house their designer bags.

Sisters Lizzy and Caitlin gave Fabulous a look inside their caravans
The sisters have taken notes from Mrs Hinch with their grey bedroom
They have a whole trailer for their clothes

Lizzy says: “We have a summer house, which we built opposite our trailer and it is dedicated to our closet.

“We have our shoes, bags, some clothes, makeup, jewellery, everything that a girl needs all kept in there. 

“We have a sofa in there also, so we can get comfy when we are getting ready. 

“We have some of our shoes and bags out, and the rest is packed away in the drawers.”

But while they’re happy to splash out on designers like Chanel and Louboutin, their homeware tastes aren’t quite as luxe.

The sisters love Dunelm and The Range for homeware
There’s a grey theme running through their home

She added: “Dunelm is our go-to for all our homeware, as well as the Range and M&S.

“But we just love Dunelm’s Dorma bedding range, I think every traveller does.

“We also will buy from Facebook and Instagram pages as well, things like our rugs have been bought from those sites!”

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