Is Meghan McCain a Democrat or a Republican?

MEGHAN McCain may be recognized as a co-host on The View, but she is also the daughter of former Republican Senator John McCain.

Meghan joined The View in September 2017, after leaving her contributor post on Fox News.


Meghan McCain is the daughter of former Republican Senator John McCain[/caption]

Is Meghan McCain a Democrat or a Republican?

Using her platform on The View, Meghan has been outspoken about her support of the Republican Party.

Oftentimes, Meghan and her co-host Joy Behar get into heated discussions regarding their political affiliation.

At the time of Donald Trump‘s second impeachment by the House, Meghan is back the House’s decision and said she would die fighting for the Republican Party.

“I cannot defend this. I believe President Trump should be impeached,” Meghan said on The View at the time.


Meghan is an outspoken Republican[/caption]

“I believe we have to take a stand and have a fine line about what is acceptable for a president to do or not.

He incited a riot, people got violent, people died. Full stop.”

When asked by her co-host Whoopi Goldberg if she still feels she belongs in the Republican Party or if she felt it was time to change parties, Meghan responded by saying she’ll ” die fighting for it.”

“I’ll die fighting for it. I mean, I’m a lifelong conservative, unlike a lot of these heretics,” Meghan said.

“I mean, I was born into this, raised into it, it’s my whole entire life in all ways and truly at the bottom of my soul, I think as all of you know, I believe in the principles I was raised on.”

The View

Meghan has said she’ll ‘die fighting for’ the GOP[/caption]

What did Meghan say about Trump’s recent speech?

During the June 7 edition of The View, Meghan ripped Trump’s appearance at the North Carolina Republican Party’s state convention.

Meghan blasted Trump’s look, explaining that “ex-presidents have to present themselves in a way where they’re going to be taken seriously.”

“You can kind of look like a crazy, ex-mad king,” Meghan said comparing Trump’s look to “a wedding singer at Mar-a-Lago”.

The View co-host stated that Trump appeared “really disheveled,” adding, “He doesn’t look good.”

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Despite her political affiliation, Meghan has been critical of former President Donald Trump[/caption]

What is Meghan McCain’s net worth?

Meghan McCain’s net worth stands at $10million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

Accoridng to the outlet, the conservative talk show host makes a $3million yearly salary from her duties on The View.

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