Jessa Duggar slammed for letting daughter Ivy, 2, shut herself inside the refrigerator in ‘dangerous’ game

JESSA Duggar has faced backlash for letting her two-year-old daughter shut herself inside the refrigerator and chug straight out of the milk carton.

Fans have previously questioned the Counting On star’s parenting choices after she failed to wrap her toddler’s birthday gifts a few weeks ago.

Jessa’s daughter hid inside the refrigerator
She drank straight out of the milk carton

Jessa, 28, took to Instagram last week to share a video of her daughter Ivy whom she found hiding in the refrigerator.

The reality star approached the appliance with her camera and asked: “What are you doing Ivy?” as the child closed the door.

Through a small crack, the TV personality filmed her toddler open up the milk carton and take a huge gulp.

One of Jessa’s other kids then ran over to open the fridge door, as Ivy wrapped her mouth around the entire top of the carton and dumped the milk into her mouth, on her clothes, and on the floor.

Jessa found her daughter through a tiny crack in the door
The child chugged milk and spilled it all over herself

The small child then went for a second sip as her mom asked: “Ivy were you thirsty?

“Ivy you need to ask, mommy can put that in a cup for you. You don’t need to drink out of the jug, now you have your germs on it,” Jessa explained.

The conservative Christian captioned her post: “Less than two weeks ago she had a birthday, and if this doesn’t say ‘two years old’ I don’t know what does.

“Looking on the bright side, at least she didn’t spill it! Girl has got some good hand/eye coordination. May be time for a refrigerator,” the mother of three laughed.

However, fans were not so amused, as many took to the comments to slam the game as “extremely dangerous.”

“People in the public eye have a responsibility! What if the baby goes in the fridge when she’s not standing there….it’s happened with horrible consequences!” one ranted.

“Agree. This was extremely dangerous,” another claimed.

Despite critics swarming the post, some fans jumped to Jessa’s rescue as they reminded others that the child went “unharmed.”

Some fans found the game ‘dangerous’
Others reasoned that Jessa was close by watching

“What danger?! She’s standing right in front of her like 3 inches away….” one expressed.

“She was literally right there, recording. Ivy is fine and clearly unharmed. OP, kids do stuff like this all the time! It’s not the end of the world,” they reasoned.

This was not the first time that Jessa faced criticism over her parenting decisions.

For Ivy’s second birthday earlier this month, the TLC star opted to gift her daughter presents in Amazon packages rather than wrapped boxes and bags.


Ivy recently celebrated her second birthday[/caption]

Jessa did not wrap her daughter's birthday gifts
All her gifts were given in Amazon packages

Fans were stunned as the toddler unwrapped books, a baby doll stroller and clothing, a princess dress, a toy bunk bed, and a new bike helmet, all from Amazon boxes.

Jessa’s followers flocked to the comments section of her Youtube video to slam her for using her daughter’s birthday as an opportunity to “sponsor” the delivery service.

“Wrapping paper and a bow is such a big part of the wow of the gift. I remember how exciting the wrapping was to me.

She handed the child pre-opened Amazon boxes
Fans were disturbed that her presents weren’t wrapped

“It cannot cost that much, can it?” one asked.

“I don’t understand the no wrapping paper,” another wrote solemnly, while a third speculated: “This has to be sponsored by Amazon.”

Jessa will welcome her fourth child alongside her husband Ben Seewald in a matter of weeks as she nears her due date.

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