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Jessa Duggar’s sister-in-law Jessica Seewald wins divorce as ex admits to ‘rudeness, hate, abuse & neglect’ allegations

JESSA Duggar’s sister-in-law Jessica Seewald’s divorce is moving forward uncontested, as her estranged husband admitted to the “rudeness, hate, abuse and neglect” allegations she made against him, The Sun can exclusively reveal. 

Jessica filed for divorce from her husband Dwight Phillips Lester on May 21, 2021 after just two years of marriage. 


Jessa Duggar’s sister-in-law filed for divorce from her husband[/caption]


Jessica filed for divorce exactly two years after their wedding[/caption]

In the divorce filing exclusively obtained by The Sun, Jessica listed their separation date as April 16, 2021, two years after they tied the knot on May 18, 2019. 

Jessica is seeking a divorce on the grounds that Dwight allegedly subjected her to “personal indignities destroying the legitimate ends of the marriage such that the Plaintiff can no longer reside with the Defendant as man and wife.”

Personal indignities in an Arkansas divorce filing could include a “spouse consistently manifesting such rudeness, hate, abuse and neglect” towards their partner to make life “intolerable.”

In Dwight’s response to the filing exclusively obtained by The Sun, he “admits all of the allegations contained” in her complaint for divorce. 


Jessica’s estranged husband ‘admitted all of the allegations in her complaint’[/caption]

He “waived” his right to “plead, answer or appear” in the case and asked the same be done for a potential trial, as he said it could be heard at any time “without notice to, and in the absence” of him. 

He added that he has never been involved in a domestic relations case with Jessica. 

Dwight said in the court filing that the divorce is “uncontested,” which means the exes do not disagree on matters regarding finances or other divorce-related issues. 

He requested the court grant Jessica’s requests in the complaint. 

He added in conclusion: “I further waive my rights to notice of trial, findings of fact and conclusions of law, a record of testimony, motion for a new trial, notice of entry of final judgment or decree, and right to appeal.”


The divorce is ‘uncontested,’ meaning they do not disagree on divorce-related issues[/caption]

Jessica is requesting her maiden name, Seewald, be restored. 

She listed their separation date as April 16, 2021, two years after they tied the knot on May 18, 2019. 

Jessica exclusively told The Sun: “Yes, I did recently file for divorce.”

Without a Crystal Ball was the first to report on the divorce. 

Jessica sparked divorce rumors when she deleted their photos together and changed her name on Instagram. 


Fans wondered Jessa and Ben’s thoughts on the split, as their religion doesn’t believe in divorce[/caption]


Fans praised Jessica for leaving her husband[/caption]

The split comes as a shock to fans, as divorce goes against the Duggar and Seewald family’s religious beliefs. 

One fan wrote on Reddit: “Good for her! I really wonder what the Seewalds and Jessa/Ben think about this.”

Another said: “Good for her. I applaud anyone who can admit that their marriage isn’t working and has the good sense to run for the hills.”

A third commented: “I hope the reason wasn’t anything too awful and her family is supportive of her through this. Wonder how Jessa and Ben feel….”


Jessica is a rebel with her sexy dresses[/caption]


She often shows off her abs[/caption]

Jessica, who is an Arkansas cop along with her estranged husband, has been known to be a rebel. 

On her Instagram page, she often shows off her abs and toned figure after workouts.

In one snap, she showed off cleavage in a tight-fitting black dress. 

As Counting On fans know, Jessa, who is expecting her fourth child with Ben, follows her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s modest dress code, as she wears long skirts and dresses, and high necklines. 


Jessica appeared on Say Yes to the Dress and picked out a revealing gown[/caption]

Jessica appeared on Say Yes to the Dress back in 2019. 

On the episode, Jessica fell in love with a plunging ball gown that showed off her cleavage. 

The dress also featured sheer cut outs along the stomach. 

The family, especially Jessa, was against Jessica wearing the revealing dress. 

Jessa, 28, said on the episode: “Yeah it’s a little low!”

Her mother-in-law even said they are not bringing the dress back with them to Arkansas.

But Jessica ignored her family’s opinions and got married in the sexy gown. 


Jessa was against her gown choice on the show[/caption]

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