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Kate Lawler reveals X-rated sex act with Big Brother lover for the first time – that was NEVER caught on camera

BIG Brother star Kate Lawler has revealed she managed to trick the show’s all-seeing cameras and performed a sex act with Spencer Smith.

The 41-year-old Virgin Radio star won the third series of the Channel 4 series in 2003 – but has only opened up about her X-rated trick now.

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Kate Lawler has – finally – lifted the lid on an unseen Big Brother sex act[/caption]

Kate explained that the pair were like “ninjas” in their subtlety between the sheets – and even carried out a dull conversation while it was going on to throw bosses off.

Speaking on pal Matt Richardson’s When No-one’s Watching podcast she boasted: “We got up to something under the covers which they never got on camera.”

She told him: “When you’re in Big Brother you’re being filmed 24/7 and the Big Brother crew are like: ‘We’ll get everything.’

“The producers are like: ‘We’ll get everything on camera. We don’t ever miss… because you’re being filmed from multiple angles all the time.’

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Kate said: ‘We got up to something under the covers which they never got on camera’[/caption]

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She explained Jade Goody and PJ’s liaison took all the attention[/caption]

“Well, they didn’t actually get something in my Big Brother. To this day, they don’t know about it. In fact nobody does except me and Spencer.

“Spencer was my love interest in Big Brother 3 and we got up to something under the covers which they never got on camera, they never captured, because of how subtle we did it.

“We were basically having a conversation in bed while something else was going on which I’m not going to share. And they never showed it.

“They only ever showed PJ getting a BJ from Jade because it was very obvious what happening  – there was a lot of that under the duvet.

PA:Press Association

Spencer and Kate shared a series with This Morning star Alison Hammond[/caption]


Kate became a mum for the first time with fiance Martin in February[/caption]

“To this day they never ever caught us or showed us or showed any sign that they knew what happening because of how subtle and Ninja-like we were with our antics.”

Amazed, 30-year-old Matt asked: “Matt: So you kept a boring conversation going, that was un-airable, so that you could get up to some naughtiness?”

Kate: We were in bed together, we were sharing a bed, yeah. We got away with it.

Impressed, former X Factor spin-off host Matt told her: “That is f***ing genius.”

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Kate in bed with Spencer – and Alison Hammond – in the 2002 series[/caption]

The star went on: “They get everything like that, any kind of intimate behaviour between housemates is captured and it’s a big thing, especially in Big Brother 3.

“It was like people really wanted to see a romance after Helen and Paul in Big Brother 2.

“I think you know you had Jade and PJ, you had Spencer and I – we genuinely liked each other – and I was like, ‘How can we get away with this?’

“So we just laid in bed and had a really dull conversation and it was just… it was so funny because both of us knew what was happening.”


Kate often shares her life with baby Noa and her husband, nicknamed Boj[/caption]

Matt then asked cheekily: “Did you both manage to “finish” the conversation if you know what I mean?”

Suddenly coy, she replied: “Oh my goodness… no comment! But I love that we pulled one over Big Brother.”

Matt then slightly spoiled the fun pointing out: “I’d just like to let you know that they do have everything in the archive. I’m sure that I can have a word with someone somewhere.”

She laughed: There weren’t many times we were in bed together so they’d probably be able to get hold of it quite easily. S**t. I didn’t think of that.”

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