Katie Price having three colonic irrigations a week in bid to lose 2st she gained in lockdown

KATIE Price has revealed she’s having three colonic irrigations a week in a bid to lose the two stone she put on in lockdown.

The 43-year-old is on a mission to get her dream body back and is also undergoing therapy to stop her craving sugar and carbs.


Katie Price wants to lose the two stone she put on in lockdown[/caption]

“Katie hates how her body looks right now,” a source told New magazine.

“She’s not comfortable being bigger and wants to lose the weight and get back to her original size.

“But Katie loves a quick fix and doesn’t think about the risks.”

Colonic irrigations are supposed to detox the body but medical experts warn they have little or no benefits.

Katie underwent a colonic irrigation live on camera for her vlog

They can also be potentially harmful causing tears in the colon, infections, dehydration, heart and kidney damage.

“Even though colonics have been linked to dangerous side effects and having three a week is quite extreme, she is willing to try anything,” the source continued.

A representative for Katie told The Sun: “Katie underwent colonic irrigation for medical purposes, to aid her digestive system  – it has been documented that Katie has had trouble with her bowels in the past.”

Last week Katie proudly showed off the tube that would go up her bottom for the treatment on YouTube and also had the camera film as her waste was flushed away.

The star proudly showed off the apparatus that’d go up her bum

Speaking in her latest vlog, the mother-of-five explained: “I’m having my bum cleaned, my insides cleaned out.

“Last time I did this was years and years ago, where a tube was up my bum and a lady was controlling water that went in me.

“She held water tight until there was awful pain and released it – loads of gas and everything came out.”

However, this time around there was a machine to do the work, with Katie showing off the different parts of the apparatus.

The star wanted to be cleaned inside and out

She shared: “This goes inside me, there’s a drain hole there and that’s where my poo comes out.”

Katie was then filmed as she had the treatment, with her fiance Carl Woods also undergoing one of his own in a separate room.

The following week, the former glamour model had a second colonic, grimacing as she admitted that it was “cold at first”.

Her fiance Carl Woods also had the treatment
Katie went back for a second one the following week

She then encouraged the cameraman to look at the clear tube where her waste was being flushed, laughing as she prepared to unload.

Katie screeched: “Look at the tube! I’m letting it fill, ready… Watch!”

She covered her face and sheepishly giggled as the full colonic was caught on camera.

She covered her face after getting the camera to film her waste

The star later shared: “I have to say, the second time is so much better than the first time because you get used to the movement of how much water intake you can have.

“I didn’t find it more painful, but I was more daring – I’m going to have another one next week, and then I’m going to maintain it.”

Katie underwent a full MOT in the vlog, also having a bizarre facial complete with needles, and beginning fat dissolving treatment.

She admitted that she “hated” her bum and was trying to “make it smaller” after joking about getting another Brazilian bum lift, previously undergoing surgery on her bottom in 2019.

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