Katie Price says she’ll have liposuction and a ‘new face’ after summer as she plans MORE surgery

KATIE Price has announced she is having liposuction and is planning to surprise fans with a “new face”.

The 43-year-old star said she put on two stone after breaking both her feet last year and wants to lose weight before having IVF.


Katie Price, pictured today, says she wants liposuction to lose weight[/caption]

Speaking on Steph’s Packed Lunch today she said: “I have tried so much to lose weight, obviously we want a baby and we’re doing IVF.

“I just want to shift some weight before we do it so I am going to have surgery.”

When Steph challenged her on why, reasoning “but you’re not big”, Katie responded: “For me I am.

“I’m normally 54kg [8.5stone] and now I’m about 68kg [10.7stone] and that is a lot for me. I notice it in my clothes and just for myself, I’m just going to have to do it quick, just get it sucked out.”


The star explained she was nearly 11stone saying ‘that’s a lot for me’[/caption]


She posted this picture online as she revealed her new surgery plans[/caption]


The 43-year-old star wants to have a baby with Carl Woods, via IVF if necessary[/caption]

She added: “When I come back in September after the summer, I might have a new face as well.”

Channel 4’s Steph McGovern, 39, signed: “You’re never going to stop, are you with the surgery?”

Tonight she posted on Instagram: “So guys the time has come for many reasons. I’ve decided to go to @monocosmeticsurgery and can’t wait to show you before and after results.

“And someone I know will also be having surgery but your all have to wait and see. ♥💖.”

AP:Associated Press

Katie, seen here at a book signing in 2009, is not stranger to cosmetic surgery[/caption]

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