Katie Price’s swollen and bloated face is wrapped in bandages after facelift and eye surgery as she kisses boyfriend Kris

Katie Price’s swollen and bloated face is wrapped in bandages after facelift and eye surgery as she kisses boyfriend Kris

KATIE Price shocked onlookers as she stepped out with a puffy, bruised face and swollen-shut eyes following her recent surgery spree in Turkey.
The former glamour model, 41, was virtually unrecognisable as she was snapped leaving the Comfort Zone surgery in Istanbul alongside fiance Kris Boyson, who also underwent a nose job.


Katie could hardly open her eyes as she showed off her surgery ravaged face[/caption]


Kris, who is recovering from his nose op, gave his wife to be a quick snog[/caption]

The alarming images show the gruesome reality of Katie’s extreme surgery as the mum of five could barely open her eyes as she made a phone call while leaving the clinic.
Bloodied bandages covered the majority of her bloated mug, her lips are appeared swollen and sore and her eyes were so puffy, they looked like they had been stapled shut.
Kris, 29, who was nursing a bandage across his new hooter and black eyes, gave the reality star a kiss as they headed out to get some air following their his ‘n’ hers ops.
Katie risked her life by getting her boobs reduced to a D-cup, her bum lift reversed and another face and eye lift last week – just three months after her last round of operations.


Katie’s puffy mug stunned passers-by, who didn’t recognise the swollen star[/caption]


Katie donned a black t shirt, emblazoned with the word ‘pink’ in gold, and pink fluffy mules.[/caption]


It is believed Katie didn’t pay a penny for her recent round of work[/caption]

It is believed that the My Crazy Life star got her latest work for free, while she negotiated her fella getting his nose done for half price at around £1.5k for his operation.

An insider recently told The Sun Online: “Katie never turns down a freebie and that’s why everyone is worried. She’s in terrible pain now, it puts a huge strain on her body with all these surgeries. Every time she takes longer to recover.”

And it’s understood that Katie already has “huge regret” about going under the knife again for multiple proceedures and has realised she’s gone too far.


Kris debuted his new nose, despite always being anti-surgery in the past[/caption]


Kris feels his re-done snout to see how it is healing[/caption]

A source close to the star told new! magazine: “Katie could barely speak after her surgery, but when she did manage a few words she seemed totally beside herself.

“It’s clear she’s regretting her decision already. With the amount of pain she’s in, even she realises she’s gone too far this time.”

Katie went under the knife earlier this year but returned to Turkey this month for more
Quest Red
The 41-year-old has been left in agony after her latest procedures
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Back in May, Katie was asked by Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain what was wrong with looking natural, and she replied: “Well, there’s a menu. I can have surgery for nothing.”

She also recently told The Mirror’s We Love TV Magazine that she will “never stop” having nips and tucks.

“I love seeing results after surgery and I will always want to change something else.

“Doesn’t everyone? I love it!”

When asked if she will ever stop having surgery she replied: “No! Haha.”

She added: “I am trying my best to enjoy being the best version of myself. I just always want to be perfect.”

Katie’s recent procedures in Turkey come just a few months after she travelled to the country in April for a Brazilian bum lift and liposuction.

Katies youngest children have been left in tears by her bloodied and bandaged appearance
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However it isn’t just Katie who has been left shocked by her current appearance as  The Sun Online recently reported the star’s two youngest children “were left in tears” when they saw her.

Four-year-old Jett and Bunny, five, are believed to have struggled with seeing their mum bruised and battered after going under the knife yet again.

Insiders close to Katie revealed her kids were left upset over their mum’s appearance – and have no idea what’s happened to her.

A source told The Sun Online: “Bunny and Jett thought something awful had happened to their mum as she was covered in blood and they could see the fresh scars.

They were in tears as she tried to explain to them.”

Another insider added: “Jett and Bunny are too young to really understand what their mum is doing to her body.

“Time after time they’re left confused about why she keeps appearing battered, bruised and full of stitches after her latest surgery.

“Who knows what they’re thinking.

“It’s a wonder the kids don’t have appearance issues already. She’s not setting a good example to her children.”

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