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Kerry Katona and Brian McFadden’s daughter Molly, 19, wows with incredible singing voice

KERRY Katona and Brian McFadden’s daughter Molly showed off her incredible singing voice during a duet with a pal.

The 19-year-old and her friend Niamh jammed together in a video uploaded to her Instagram account.

Kerry Katona’s daughter Molly has an impressive singing voice

The performance, a collection of outtakes from their various song attempts, showed the pair laughing as they sang.

Molly wrote: “Procrastination at its finest🛵🎲

“8 months. For 8 MONTHS we tried to record a cover, and this is the shit we got in the end.”

Mum Kerry commented: “Looooovveeee it your sooooo talented.”

Molly uploaded a jam with a pal

Kerry is proud of her daughter[/caption]

A fan said: “omg mollys voice is amazing ❤❤❤ you are going places girl.”

Another wrote: “how good is she.”

A third posted: “Your voice is amazing molly.”

Kerry recently insisted it would be “selfish” of her to get pregnant for a sixth time after she “almost died’ giving birth to daughter Dylan Jorge.

The mum of five told how, although she wants a baby with fiance Ryan Mahoney, 32, she is petrified of dying during childbirth and leaving her brood without a mum.

Kerry Katona / Instagram

Kerry Katona believes it would be ‘selfish’ of her to have another baby naturally after she ‘nearly died’ giving birth to Dylan Jorge[/caption]

Kerry, 40, told New Magazine in a candid interview: “My last pregnancy was so traumatic

“I’m one hundred per cent considering surrogacy but we want to move house first and get ourselves sorted.”

The former Atomic Kitten star added: “DJ basically died and I almost died.

“I think if I was to get pregnant, it would be selfish of me because if I were to die my children would be left without a mum.

The former Atomic Kitten singer has spoken out about her fear of leaving her children ‘without a mum’

“As much as I love Ryan and Ryan loves me he would never put me through that.”

Kerry is mum to Molly and Lilly-Sue, 18, from her marriage to Brian McFadden and with Heidi, 14, and Maxwell, 13, from her second marriage to Mark Croft. 

She also has Dylan-Jorge, seven, from her relationship with the late George Kay.

DJ’s birth was extremely traumatic and she came “close to death” after suffering from pre-eclampsia [pregnancy-induced high blood pressure].

Kerry, seen with some of her children, is a proud mum of five

Recently, the Whole Again singer told of her plans to have her eggs frozen so the pair, who became engaged this year, can use a surrogate for her next baby.

Speaking during an Instagram live, she shared: “I am going to get my eggs frozen because I would like Ryan to have a child but I couldn’t ­physically carry it.

“So we are looking into surrogacy but we’re in no rush.”

During the chat, Kerry also discussed her family life and how hard it can be to keep the kids grounded.


Kerry and Ryan are now looking to freeze her eggs and enlist the help of a surrogate[/caption]

When asked if they were spoiled, she said: “Not so much Molly and Lilly but the other three.’

“When I was with George and I went through all the abuse and stuff, I feel like I’ve over-compensated and they want for nothing, and I’ve made a rod for my own back there, ­especially Heidi.

“I’ve over-compensated for the mistakes I’ve made in the past.

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