Laura Jane Clark shares three 'key' details to check before renovating home 'on a budget’

BBC Two’s Your Home Made Perfect architect Laura Jane Clark has been working with Barclays Mortgages on a new campaign to reveal what makes the ultimate forever home, and how this has changed since the pandemic. Laura, who has also worked on Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces, has designed the ultimate forever home based on Barclays Mortgages research. According to the research, more than half of homeowners are bringing forward their plans to find their forever home.

But what features are British homeowners looking for?

A detached property with at least three bedrooms, including a spare room for guests, is a priority for homeowners looking for their forever home.

However, the number one thing British homeowners look for in their forever home is off-road parking, with 46 percent claiming this is a priority.

Furthermore, after spending more time at home, Britons are looking for a garage and outdoor space.

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In fact, they admitted to happily spending more than £450,000 on the property and additional renovation costs to make it a home they want to spend the rest of their lives in.

For those who can’t afford to move house, and are looking to renovate their homes affordably, Laura told exclusively told that there are three “key” details to check.

She explained: “Whenever I’ve done things, I’ve never had a big budget.

“I’ve never had piles of money behind me so I’m the queen of making things work.

She said you may not be able to start “creating spaces” or opening your home up.

She added: “So I always look where the electric meter comes in, where your boiler comes in and where your soil pipe comes in.

“It’s the least sexy part of property but it’s always the least sexy parts that are key.

“Then you’ve got room to do loads of other things.”

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