Leicester City ace Ashleigh Plumptre ready to ditch English ties and represent Nigerian national team if given chance

ASHLEIGH PLUMPTRE is ready to swap her England shirt for a Nigerian one if given the chance in future.

Despite being born in Leicester, The ex-Lionesses youth star is eligible to play for the Super Eagles due to her dad’s Nigerian descent.


Plumptre is ready to ditch her English roots to play for Nigeria[/caption]

And although she’s earned 30 English caps, the Foxes ace admits she’d make the switch in a flash.

While speaking to BBC Sport Africa, the 23-year-old said: “The idea of me being able to play for Nigeria.

“With that being an option, I would happily grab that with both hands.”

The former LA Galaxy star has become fascinated with the Nigerian culture since getting to know her family heritage recently.

But Plumptre admits that she’s got a long way to go on her journey of fully understanding the African country’s way of life.

She added: “What representing something that really means to somebody is very important.

“Obviously, there’s a lot of things I can openly say that I don’t know about Nigerian culture.

“But I want to learn because I know that it’s in me, and it’s in my sister and in my dad.

“We can only get it from my granddad, he’s the only thing that we know in terms of Nigeria.


The defender is eligble to play for the Eagles despite earning 30 Lionesses Youth caps[/caption]

“I’ve obviously visited Nigerian relatives in America and in England.

“Seeing this little journey my sister and I have been on, and the understanding of our family heritage.

“Not just that but watching Nigerian documentaries and learning about the past is incredible.”

And Plumptre would like to inspire other stars with similar backgrounds to do the same one day.

She said: “I think with football being my platform, I am using that as something that’s bigger than me.

“As much as I can resonate with my Nigerian heritage.

“I feel like I can hopefully inspire someone like my sister or other kids like her maybe in this country or other countries to look at me and be like you know what?

“It doesn’t matter what your skin tone looks like.”


But until her dream is realised Plumptre is focused on helping the Foxes keep their WSL status next season[/caption]

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