Leopard blends in perfectly on mountainside – but can YOU spot it hiding amongst the rocks and grass?

A PERFECTLY timed snap of a leopard shows it almost completely camouflaged amongst the hills.

The big cat was so well hidden in the photographs that the photographer had no idea he had managed to capture the leopard in his shots, until he got home.


The photographer had no idea he had managed to capture the leopard in his shots, until he got home and checked the shots[/caption]


His snaps show the big cat almost seamlessly blending into its background[/caption]

Abhinav Garg, 34, had waited hours on the mountain for a sighting, after locals told him about the leopard while he was visiting the Aravali Hills in Jaipur, in the western Rajasthan state in India.

The amateur photographer, who is a web developer in New Delhi by trade, said: “It was really the best camouflaged animal I had seen in my life”.

He had been on a visit to a temple when locals told him about a leopard sighting, he said.

He added: “It was lovely weather on a Saturday evening and we reached the temple around 5pm. 

“This temple is surrounded by Aravali Hills and [the] temple priest told us many stories of leopard sightings.


The cheetah can be seen lying amid a patch of shrubbery on the hillside[/caption]

“While returning from the temple [a] few villagers were discussing [the] leopard sitting on the rock in hills opposite the temple.”

Garg placed his camera facing the rocky patch on the hill in anticipation, but to his dismay, couldn’t spot the leopard after waiting for several hours.

It was only after he had transferred the snaps he did take, onto his computer, that he realised the leopard was in fact in the pictures.

“We also tried to see the leopard but we could not spot it despite waiting for some time,” Garg said.

“We decided to leave as it was getting dark and I clicked some random shots of hills without sighting the leopard.

“After returning home, I transferred all the pictures on my laptop and started [to] zoom in on them.

“To my utter surprise, I found a leopard resting on [the] rock which was not visible from naked eyes earlier. I had not seen a leopard before and I was really excited to spot it.”

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