Little People, Big World’s Isabel Roloff slams trolls for sending ‘nasty messages’ as she tries to feel ‘empowered’

JACOB Roloff’s wife, Isabel Rock, blasted rude followers for sending her “nasty messages” on social media when she’s trying to be open and “honest” with them.

The Little People, Big World star has shared a lot about her struggles, including depression and eating disorders, with fans because she wants to feel “empowered,” but she said the trolls don’t help with that.


Isabel Roloff slammed trolls for sending her ‘nasty messages’ online[/caption]

To keep with her goal of being real and transparent, Isabel opened up about how hard it’s been to share her truths with everyone when she often gets mean notes in her direct messages.

In a personal note in her Instagram Story, she wrote: “To be honest, every single time I share on here, I think to myself, ‘That is so embarrassing, why would I share that?’ 

“I think it has something to do with opening my messages and there being nasty messages every time but also being called an over sharer for years.” 

She continued, explaining why she tells her fans so much about her life: “I want to be empowered in what I share. 


She told fans she wants to feel ’empowered’ in what she posts but mean messages makes that hard[/caption]

Instagram / @Jacobroloff45

Jacob Roloff’s wife has been honest with her followers about her struggles in the past[/caption]

“Knowing that while maybe not everyone will understand it, the right ones will. And that should be enough for me.”

Isabel, who married Jacob in 2019 after five years of dating, often pens emotional letters about things she’s struggled with and runs Instagram Q&As with fans to answer anything they’ve been wondering about.

In the past, the 25-year-old reality star revealed to fans about an eating disorder she struggled with and how she’s been learning to love herself.

She admitted to her followers that she “starved herself” as a teen and was “wasting away” in an eating disorder battle.


The Little People, Big World star said she’s on a ‘self-love journey’ after struggling with an eating disorder and depression[/caption]


She thanked her husband Jacob for always ‘supporting’ her[/caption]

Amid the pandemic, the LPBW star also opened up to fans about her battle with depression, as well as the “bad anxiety attack” she recently suffered.

While she was feeling “hopeless” at that moment, she said her husband Jacob “talked me down and held space for me in the most understanding way.”

She added: “He said the most important words to an anxious person experiencing an attack, ‘Everything is going to be okay.’

“It calmed my heart in that moment. I thought about all of the ways he has supported me through the years regarding my trauma, pain, hurt and vice versa.”

With her honesty, Isabel has had to defend herself from mean comments – about what she’s dealt with, what she shares, and what she looks like.

She recently slammed a troll who commented on her size saying “she feels sorry” for them.

The reality star hit out at a cruel internet user alongside an “unflattering” photo of herself to prove a point that women’s bodies should not be up for public discussion.

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