Little People’s Isabel Roloff admits she didn’t share her wedding photos because body-shamers cruelly attacked her looks

LITTLE People, Big World star Isabel Rock admitted she delayed sharing photos from her wedding to husband Jacob Roloff because of body-shamers.

The 25-year-old reality star, who got hitched in 2019, has recently started to open up about her body image struggles and gain confidence in shutting down cruel trolls.

Monique Serra Photography

Isabel Roloff revealed she didn’t share wedding photos right away because of body-shamers[/caption]

After the photographer from her ceremony, Monique Serra, re-shared a sweet photo of Isabel smiling with all of her friends out in a sunflower field, the TV personality commented how “happy” it makes her.

She didn’t always get joy from the wedding photos, though, which is why she waited a while to share some of them with fans.

Isabel admitted she was attacked for how she looked on her big day, causing her to not want to post any of the snapshots right away.

As she’s been going on a “self-love journey” lately, she shared that she now sees herself in a whole knew way, including how she appeared that day.


She and her husband Jacob Roloff got married in 2019[/caption]


The Little People, Big World star admitted she couldn’t post snaps from the affair ‘for a few months’ because she got ‘so much hate’ about her looks[/caption]

Posting the smiling wedding photo to her Instagram Story, the LPBW star told fans: “Fun fact, I avoided sharing my wedding photos for a few months after our wedding because I got so much hate surrounding how I looked that day. 

“Now, two years later, I see these and I’m like… I looked so beautiful why did I ever let anyone make me think otherwise?!”

Jacob and Isabel eloped along the coast before celebrating with their loved ones at the Roloff Family Farm.

She wore a stunning long-sleeved white dress with a sheer back and button detailing, while he wore a dapper black suit and a red tie.

Monique Serra Photography

She shared that she looks back on the photos and thinks she looks ‘beautiful’[/caption]

Refer to Caption

She and Jacob celebrated their wedding on the Roloff Family Farm[/caption]

In the past year, Isabel has hared a lot about her struggles, including depression and eating disorders, with fans because she wants to feel “empowered.”

She admitted to her followers that she “starved herself” as a teen and was “wasting away” in an eating disorder battle.

Amid the pandemic, the LPBW star also opened up to fans about her battle with depression, as well as the “bad anxiety attack” she recently suffered.

Aside from mean comments she got about her wedding day look, she’s also received similar comments over the past few months, and she’s often shut down the trolls.

She recently slammed a one who commented on her size, saying “she feels sorry” for them.

The TLC star hit out at a cruel internet user alongside an “unflattering” photo of herself to prove a point that women’s bodies should not be up for public discussion.

Earlier this week, Jacob’s wife blasted rude followers for sending her “nasty messages” on social media after she shares her honesty with them all.

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