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Lord Sugar hits back after his Ian Wright comment is branded racist 'Go to hell!'

The Apprentice frontman Lord Sugar, 73, made a comment about Ian Wright’s bright suit on Twitter last night, following the Arsenal an Chelsea game Wembley Stadium. Ian discussed the game with his fellow football pundits, but it was his outfit choice which caught Lord Sugar’s attention.

The businessman tweeted: “That is one hell of a suit @IanWright0 has on.

“A bit too dark don’t you think. He could be in camouflage on a beach.”

Many of his 5.3 million followers flocked to his post to comment.

One user wrote: “I don’t get the part: ‘A bit too dark don’t u think???’

“What does that suppose to mean? Dark for what!? Just being racist there.”

In response to this, Alan wrote: “Shut up you trouble making ar***le.”

A second penned: “Did you just call Ian Wright too dark?”

“Keep Ian Wright’s name out your mouth you racist p***k, a third commented.

Others insisted the tweet was not intended to be racist.

The businessman has since defended his comment and said it’s a joke between him and the former footballer.

He wrote: “Why don’t the trolls shut the f*** up. I am having a laugh with my mate @IanWright with his bright suit.

“The scum bags want to cause trouble and turn everything into racism. They make me sick. Go to hell.”

Ian is yet to address Lord Sugar’s comments publicly. has contacted a representative for Ian for comment.

Ian shared a picture of himself proudly wearing the suit on his Instagram page last night.

The ex Arsenal player could be seen posing for the camera as he social distanced from his colleagues.

In view of his one million followers, he wrote: “How’s everyone feeling?!! Join us! @bbcone 16h30 (UK) #FACup #FACupFinal.”

Many of his fans flocked to his post to comment.

One user wrote: “The greatest man to wear that arsenal shirt, I don’t care what anyone says #fact.”

“Wrighty is one of the best….may need him to put the boots back on for today,” a second commented.

A third penned: “Love you Wrighty!!”

Ian’s former team beat their rivals Chelsea 2-1. He was seen celebrating their big win alongside Ashley Cole in the studio. 


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