Love Island final voting figures revealed after fans claim result is rigged

LOVE Island 2021 came to a close with a bang last night, with Millie and Liam being crowned the villa’s winners.

The final results left many fans shocked, branding the show as “rigged” after fan favourites Kaz and Tyler finished fourth.

Millie gave her new boyfriend £25k - but some viewers wished she had taken revenge for his behaviour in Casa Amor
the winning pair split the cash prize

Laura Whitmore hosted the finale live from the villa, with the last episode debuting in mid-August, months later than its usual June ending.

Whitmore announced the final results, with Millie and Liam winning the public vote, matching the bookie’s predictions.

Chloe and Toby came in second, with Faye and Teddy in third and Kaz and Tyler called in fourth, much to the fans’ dismay.

Fans of the show questioned the results, with many claiming they were fixed by the show’s producers.

She and Liam beat the other three finalists to be crowned this year's champs
Fan believe the show’s results were fixed

Many fans had been rooting for Kaz since the show kicked off, with ex winner Amber Gill tweeting: “I thought Kaz & Tyler would have at least been in the Top 2”.

The show’s producers posted the voting results from the Love Island app, with Millie and Liam leaving the other couples trailing behind:

Millie & Liam 42.02%

Chloe & Toby 30.85%

Faye & Teddy 14.85%

Kaz & Tyler 12.27%

Despite being fan favourites, Kaz and Tyler only received 12% of the public vote.

During an interview with Laura Whitmore, the pair admitted that Tyler wants to take the “next step” with Kaz.

Toby and Chloe finished second
Chloe and Toby were a close second

Many viewers still contested the final votes, with one Twitter user writing: “Wtf??? This show is definitely rigged. Who tf are the 14.5 % of psychopaths that voted for Teddy and Faye??”.

Another fan hit back, in defense of the ITV2 show “I don’t think the votes were rigged, it was just simply a reflection of Great Britain. Anyways let’s continue supporting the couple’s we’ve loved & move on because it’s actually not that deep #LoveIsland“.


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