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Marlon Pryce: Who plays the new police trainee on Death in Paradise?

Death in Paradise season 10 returns tonight (January 14) with a brand-new episode of the crime-solving series. The latest outing will introduce the character of Marlon Pryce who will be joining the Honoré police force. Here’s everything you need to know about him, who plays him and some exclusive insight into what his co-stars think of him.

Who plays Marlon Pryce in Death in Paradise?

The latest episode of Death in Paradise welcomes a new addition to the show.

Marlon Pryce will be introduced as a teenage delinquent who will soon find himself as the newest member of the police team.

So far, the BBC has teased the character will become JP Hooper’s (played by Tobi Bakare) toughest challenge yet.

He starts off as a petty criminal but soon finds himself set on a new path by the sergeant.

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“Selwyn, as this kind of knowing puppet master, spots an opportunity with him that maybe no one else can see.

“He believes that there’s something there that needs not just harnessing but also this kid needs.

“He’s got a chance to turn left or right basically and if he takes the right direction, there’s something very special there.

“So he comes in a very different way for us. He doesn’t come in as a police officer, he comes in as a trainee, and the series is his journey to discover whether or not he’s got what it takes to be a cop.”

Key also opened up about what the dynamic is between Marlon and JP this season.

He teased: “He [JP] also has to look after our new character Marlon played by Taj.

“So at the same time that he’s sort of getting used to fatherhood he’s also trying to deal with this wayward recruit who JP has very little respect for really at first and the feeling is sort of mutual.”

He added: “He and Taj together is just this joyous double act.

“They’re really good, I hope the audience enjoys watching them as much as we’ve been watching them because there’s something very special there I think.”

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