Married at First Sight UK 2021 latest: Tayah’s mum shocks Adam with harsh truth as Jordan struggles to bond with Alexis

MARRIED At First Sight’s Tayah was left stunned when her mum had harsh words with her new husband Adam on their wedding day.

The mother-of-the-bride was branded “scary” by Adam after she grilled him as to why he would agree marry a complete stranger.

Tayah was in shock as her mum let rip at Adam at their intimate wedding reception, telling Adam it would be ‘ok’ if the marriage did not work out.

Stepping in to defend her new husband, Tayah said: “Just chill, mum.”

Earlier in the episode Tayah had been in tears believing her mother would boycott the ceremony, after her dad was a no-show.

Meanwhile Jordan struggled to bond with his new wife Alexis, after previously admitting she was not his usual type.

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