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Married at First Sight’s Jamie Thompson PROPOSES to Beth Bice on two-year wedding anniversary

MARRIED at First Sight star Jamie Thompson popped the question to his wife Beth Bice on their two-year wedding anniversary. 

In an exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s Married at First Sight: Couples Cam, Jamie and Beth celebrate their wedding anniversary two years after tying the knot at first sight. 

Beth Bice/Instagram

Jamie Thompson proposed to Beth Brice on their two-year wedding anniversary[/caption]


Jamie surprised Beth with a picnic[/caption]

After a day of parasailing, it was time for Jamie’s surprise, as he planned a romantic picnic that he insisted Beth is “going to like.”

Beth said in her confessional when she saw the setup: “Jamie actually really did have a cute surprise for us. I can’t lie, after my surprise this is exactly what I needed.”

She told her husband while sitting on a blanket: “It’s our two-year anniversary. I would definitely say the last two years have been really nice surprises. 


Jamie insisted Beth is ‘going to like’ the picnic[/caption]


Jamie called the picnic ‘cute’[/caption]

“We totally got so much more stuff to do. Sky’s the limit baby, to the moon!”

Jamie then asked for a picture, as she agreed and stood up. 

But Jamie instead went on one knee and held a diamond ring as he said: “Beth, I never got to officially date you, I never got to officially propose to you. Will you marry me?”

A shocked Beth responded: “Yes! I have like a real ring! Oh my god! I can’t believe you did this!”


Jamie popped the question because he ‘never got to officially propose’[/caption]


Beth was shocked over the surprise proposal[/caption]

Beth exclusively told The Sun of the proposal: “This moment was such a shocker. I had no idea Jamie had this planned. I think that’s what made it special. I love that he did it in Santa Barbara too. It’s been such a magical place for us to live so I am glad I have that memory here forever.

“This moment really meant a lot to me. I thought at this point in life getting to experience an engagement was not going to happen, but I’m so lucky to have such an amazing husband who created this for me. I think I’m still speechless of him pulling this off. I also need to say he did the best job picking the ring out.

“The best moment of 2021 hands down! I think we are both on the same page – we may not want to do a ceremony, but I do know we both want to redo a honeymoon – so let the planning begin!”

Beth Bice/Instagram

Jamie and Beth appeared on Season 9 of Married at First Sight[/caption]


Beth showed off her three-diamond stunner[/caption]

Beth showed off her stunning ring complete with a massive diamond in the middle and two smaller stones on the sides. 

Jamie said of the engagement ring: “I had asked Beth much earlier in our relationship what kind of rings she likes. We’ve been married for two years at this point so I felt confident in picking out a style and cut that she would like!

“I wanted to give Beth an engagement ring because I knew that was something she really wanted. Being married at first sight, we never got an opportunity to do the traditional things.

“Between moving to CA together, enduring a pandemic together, and now planning our lives out together, I wanted to show Beth that I knew she was my ‘one’ by giving her a ring!”

Jamie and Beth got married on Season 9 of the Lifetime show. 

While they had chemistry at the start, the two fought a lot throughout their season, making fans wonder if they would stay married on decision day. 

But the two overcame their differences and agreed to remain married, as they even moved from North Carolina to California for Jamie’s new business. 

Married at First Sight: Couples Cam airs Wednesday at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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